Friday, July 21, 2023

''Right-wing already angry at 'Barbie' movie. Claims it's 'pushing transgender' propaganda.' & other Fri midday news briefs

Right wing blasts "Barbie" for "toxic femininity," "pushing transgender" and communist "propaganda" - Laaaaawd! These folks haven't even seen the movie yet.

As conservatives ban LGBTQ+ stories, we asked queer adults to share essential reading for youth - Try as they might, they simply cannot shut down queer voices.

  80% of Transgender Americans Have Considered Suicide: Study - Because of societal prejudice. Hearing all of those awful things said about them and claimed about them has to be a factor. And those of us in the community who turn our back on our trans brothers and sisters have a hand in this, too.

Conservatives are making the Ohio abortion amendment about trans rights - They are featuring ads with misleading claims. Win or lose, we could be seeing this tactic play itself out repeatedly in the future.