Friday, August 03, 2018

Alliance Defending Freedom attempting to roll back LGBT right under everyone's noses' & other Fri midday news briefs

The hate group successfully rolling back LGBT rights - I DESPISE this headline because while the Alliance Defending Freedom is trying, we will not allow them to succeed. I am not giving up the game as of yet. And none of you had better be, either. The LGBTQ community has faced it all from awful diseases to deliberate lies, to outright shunning. We have outlasted it all. We outlasted Jesse Helms, Anita Bryant, the National Organization for Marriage and worse. WE WILL NOT LOSE. And I don't give a damn about who is on the Supreme Court. 

States hurt children by shunning parents like me - AMEN! I commend gay parents who step up to talk about what's wrong with giving tax dollars to entities which discriminate against gay families in foster care and adoption. 

Online attempts to connect LGBT equality with pedophilia are vicious hoaxes - An old post of mine which needs to be repeated because some people on Twitter are tripping.

- Girlfriend, the sista was putting on her make up. She was not bothering you. You came up to her and she ignored you. Then you kept causing problems. You got banned and you deserved it.