Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Evangelical hate group tries & fails to justify support of Trump

Trump and conservative evangelicals have a predatory relationship.

Hate group the Family Research Council is furious about the criticism its recent Values Voter Summit and Trump, who gave a keynote address,  has received. In its latest  Washington Update, the group whined specifically about North Carolina pastor and activist William Barber

Barber had called the summit "heretical extremism" during an appearance on MSNBC and criticized Trump for addressing the group.

FRC head Perkins said the following about Barber's words:

Before the motorcade even arrived at the venue, liberals had fired their first shots. First, they took aim at Donald Trump for speaking to a "hate group." When that didn't work, they started in on Christians, shaming them for supporting a man they claim "contradict[s] Jesus directly." Conveniently (and selectively), they quote Scripture to make their point, desperate to prove that conservatives are betraying their faith by sharing an agenda with the president. "We have to stop pretending that these men and women are leaders in the Christian church," Rev. William Barber argued. Why? Because they appreciate a leader who will finally go to bat for that church? Say what you will about Trump's past or his fiery personality, he's done more for Christian conservatives than any president since Ronald Reagan -- and this is only his first year!

This isn't blind allegiance on the part of evangelicals. This is the earned respect of a man who's kept his promises. We wanted to move public policy, and this president has. Look at what he's done since taking office: defunding global abortion, protecting religious liberty, rolling back President Obama's social experimentation in the military, appointing originalist judges, overturning the HHS mandate, and fighting for mothers and their unborn children. As I've said before, our support isn't unconditional. But Donald Trump has done more to restore a pro-family, pro-faith culture in eight months than George W. Bush did in eight years! Were Christians foolish for supporting him?

Yet still, people like Rev. Barber fumed, "Last week, the men and women who crowded into that D.C. ballroom claimed to be attending a values conference. But instead, they proved yet again how morally bankrupt a vocal segment of Christians has become." Morally bankrupt for advocating for the unborn? Morally bankrupt for advocating for the freedom to live according to stated biblical values? Rev. Barber, who was a part of the Democratic National Convention, which called for forcing taxpayers to fund abortion and pushed religious freedom to the back of the bus so that sexual libertines could impose their values on the nation, is looking in the mirror of moral bankruptcy.

Even though he clearly didn't mean to, Perkins justified the criticism aimed at FRC and other so-called moral groups and evangelicals for supporting Trump. Since taking office, Trump has been a disaster who has thus far accomplished nothing. He is unfocused, immature, and has a tendency to either shamelessly lie or pick petty fights with members of his own party. He has taken the side of white supremacists, attacked the First Amendment right of individual Americans and the media, and whines about being treated unfairly when quoted specifically and directly.And I haven't even mentioned the sexual harassment accusations or the "grab them by the pu**y" comment.

It is this man, Perkins claims, who is restoring a pro-family, pro-faith culture. That, my friends is a big load of horse shit.  Perkins can talk about "restoring a pro-family, pro-faith culture" all he wants. Talk is cheap when everyone sees how quickly and eager you are to kiss the ass of the devil.

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