Friday, June 03, 2016

'Anti-lgbt hate group plans to disrupt Target's shareholders meeting' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Hate Group Says It Will Disrupt Target's Shareholder's Meeting - Apparently, the American Family Association's anti-transgender boycott isn't working too well. And, is it just me, or does the group lose style points for announcing it will be disrupting the meeting? Tacky, tacky, tacky. 

This School Community Is Finding New Ways To Bully Transgender Students - Oh come on, you heartless so-and sos!  

These Gay Dads Prove You’re Never Too Old To Start Your Own Beautiful Family - Amen!! 

 Oh no - NOM: "The March For Marriage is On" - This thing NOM is doing is like the nasty fruitcake you get every year for Christmas.  

North Carolina Lt. Governor: LGBT Rights Proof We've Turned Our Back On God - More proof that NC's dreary HB2 has NOTHING to do with safety.

'But you ARE a hate group, Family Research Council! You Are!'

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-lgbt hate group the Family Research Council is angry at People for the American Way because of a wonderful report the organization published about groups like his using the "religious liberty" argument as a weapon for homophobic discrimination.

Perkins claims that FRC isn't homopobic:

Singling out FRC and FRC Action, the report warns, "The Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council and its political affiliate, FRC Action, are among the most visible anti-gay Religious Right groups promoting the ideology that LGBT equality and religious liberty are incompatible." While the "report" is not perfect, it does make clear our resolve to defend America's First Freedom. The report is wrong; we are not "anti-gay." What we are is a Christian organization that refuses to accept as moral any behavior God declares is immoral and damaging to individuals and society.

I'm pretty sure the KKK would make the same mea culpa if it was asked about whether or not it is a hate group.

But I won't go there. It's too easy.

Nowhere in his whining did Perkins talk about these claims he made against the lgbt community:

 Claimed LGBT activists are going to "start rolling out the boxcars" and carting away Christians (a reference to the Holocaust)

Claimed gay parents ''provide distorted values to innocent adopted kids"

 Despite what health experts have said, insists that pedophilia is “a homosexual problem.”

 Called the It Gets Better project "disgusting," claiming it tells children "that it's okay to be immoral" and constitutes a "concerted effort to persuade kids that homosexuality is okay and actually to recruit them into that lifestyle"; also called the project a "deceptive lie"

(Editor's note - The "It Gets Better" project is dedicated to stopping suicide amongst gay youth)

And let's not forget the following video from FRC spokesman Peter Sprigg wishing for gays to be exported out of the United States:

A little advice from me to Perkins, Sprigg, and FRC in general - you all might as well just stop it. Every time you all insist that you are not a hate group, that you bear no homophobic animus, your paper trail cries out like an infant wanting it's mother.

There is simply too much information out there for you to continue to deny that you are a hate group. And every time you insist that you aren't, folks like yours truly are going to dig up that information to show the world and let it decide.

The Family Research Council IS a hate group and you all might as well own the label. After all, you worked hard to earn it.

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