Sunday, December 01, 2019

Is Franklin Graham now using his ministry to endorse political candidates?

Franklin Graham seems to be using his ministry to endorse political candidates.

Former Trump White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the news recently by announcing that she may be eyeing the governorship of Arkansas.

And she has already got one high-profile person in her corner:

Trump supporting evangelical leader reportedly felt that AIDS was 'God's punishment'

When Gary Bauer worked in the Reagan Administration, he allegedly undermined the fight against HIV/AIDS because he felt that it was God's punishment.

Editor's Note - On World AIDS Day as we commemorate the lives lost because of HIV/AIDS and those who continue to live with the condition, we should also remember those with power back then who either stood by and did nothing or actually applauded how the disease attacked our community. Gary Bauer who, as far as I know, has never had to answer for his behavior in the Reagan Administration as HIV/AIDS spread in our community. He remains to this day looked upon as a pro-family evangelical leader as he prominently supports the actions of Donald Trump. Trump even appointed him on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

The following is a repost from 2014:

The late President Reagan gets a lot of deserved flack for his negligence in the early days of the AIDS crisis. Today, we learned that there needs to be some flack dispensed around because Reagan isn't the only person in his Administration who needs to be called to the carpet.

According to Right Wing Watch:

Anyone who is familiar with Gary Bauer's anti-gay extremism will not be surprised to learn that his bigotry goes way back. Just in time for World AIDS Day, we now know that when Bauer was working in the Reagan White House, he fought hard to keep gay people off the nation’s first AIDS commission.

Right Wing Watch published part of a memo he sent to Reagan regarding this:

 3. Millions of Americans try to raise their children to believe that homosexuality is immoral. In many states homosexual practices are illegal, including sodomy. For you to appoint a known homosexual to a Presidential Commission will give homosexuality a stamp of acceptability. It will drive a wedge between us and many of our socially conservative supporters. 

4. While it is true that homosexuals have been major victims of AIDS, they are also responsible for its spread. Recent students show the average gay man with AIDS has had over 150 different sexual partners in the previous 12 months. 

Bauer proposed instead appointing a relative of someone with AIDS, or a caregiver, or as a last resort, a “reformed” homosexual: “that is, someone not currently living a gay life style. We have identified several individuals that meet that criteria.”

 In the end, Reagan ignored Bauer’s pleadings and appointed Frank Lilly, an openly gay geneticist, to the Presidential Commission on the HIV Epidemic.