Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Franklin Graham debases himself by implying that a vote for Trump = a vote for Jesus.

Franklin Graham

The noxious fusion between conservative evangelical leaders and Donald Trump took another step recently thanks to prime Trump cheerleader Franklin Graham. According to Right Wing Watch, Graham enlisted the help of several other Trump supporting evangelicals to transform an issue of a magazine run by his father's organization into a 2020 electoral brochure:

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, now led by Billy Graham’s right-wing​-activist son Franklin Graham, has turned the October issue of its “Decision” magazine into a virtual 38-page campaign brochure for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Franklin Graham hosted a “prayer march” on the National Mall on Sept. 26, the same day a group of End Time​s “prophets” hosted a rally calling for national repentance and revival.


It's called Election 2020 - Two Visions for America but it should be called Why Jesus Wants You to Vote for Donald Trump. And in case you think I'm being overly dramatic, check out the cover. 

Talk about throwing shade:

In case you haven't guessed by now, this magazine is an embarrassingly slobbering tribute to Trump. It's all about the courts, abortion, and LGBTQ rights (under the guise of claiming that they threaten "religious liberty). while either tiptoeing over other probably more vital issues such as the economy, racial justice, poverty, jobs, or even COVID.

'Over 500 LGBTQ candidates to appear on Nov ballots, shattering records' & other Tue midday news briefs


Over 500 LGBTQ candidates to appear on November ballots, shattering records - GOOD! There is nothing wrong with us being at the tables of power as long we know what we are fighting for. 

Education Dept Puts Anti-LGBTQ Activist At Head Of Diversity And Inclusion Council - What the hell? When Trump goes, they go. Remember that when voting.