Thursday, May 01, 2014

Lesbian couple has South Dakota legislator in a writing flurry about anal sex

What do you do when you are a South Dakota legislator and pastor who finds out that a lesbian couple will be challenging your state's anti-marriage equality law? Well if you are Republican Steve Hickey, you write a 600 word letter-to-the editor mainly talking about anal sex between gay men.

I kid you not. From Talking Points Memo:

'Veteran makes sweet gesture on behalf on lesbian couple' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Veteran Offers Up His Burial Plot So That A Lesbian Couple Can Rest In Peace - Every now and then you see a gesture which restores your faith in mankind. 

Prop 8 leaders catering to Singapore org. that fights to keep homosexuality criminalized - And anti-gay groups are attempting to add Singapore to their list of foreign countries they invade to demonize lgbts. Gestures like the one in the above post are needed because its stuff like this which makes you lose your faith in mankind. 

 Finally, A Gay Politician Fox News Can Support - An easy to be exploited one, that is.  

Rush Limbaugh Randomly Attacks Don Lemon For Being Gay - My frivolous post for the day. There are just sooooo many things wrong with this. 

 Klingenschmitt: Transgender Teacher Is A 'Pervert' Who Trying To Recruit Kids 'Into Sexual Perversion' - This is a baseless charge with NO proof. Of course not having proof of their claims has never stopped anti-gay talking heads before.

Anti-gay spokesman exploits molested children to denigrate gays

 Editor's note - After reading this post, check out the one which came in early this morning - SC colleges win round over legislators with regards to gay issues

The following tweet by the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber is homophobia personified:

Is "homosexually assaulting" even a correct term? I suppose when men take advantage of little girls, we can say they "heterosexually assaulted" them.

Barber's tweet would be comical if he wasn't exploiting an ugly situation. That's the worse thing about his tweet, i.e. the fact that the only reason he even seems to care about the story is because he can exploit it to denigrate gay men. He doesn't care about those children or the crime committed against them. If it was a man who assaulted little girls, Barber wouldn't give the situation the time of day.

He only cares that a man molested those boys so that he can push the inaccurate notion that a man who molests a boy is automatically gay. This notion has been disproven continuously. And Barber knows this.

And this isn't the first time Barber has defamed gay men via a vicious tweet. The following is his handiwork from last year: