Monday, May 29, 2023

Conservatives attack drag queens while ignoring report that almost 2,000 kids suffered sexual abuse from Catholic clergy


Editor's note - I am not trying to disrespect anyone's religion but fair is fair. Why are legislators and so many others pointing accusing fingers at drag queens and accusing them of sexually grooming kids when the following is happening right in front of them?

From Ja'han Jones of  The ReidOut Blog, MSNBC

 The Illinois attorney general released a report Tuesday finding that almost 2,000 children suffered sexual abuse by 451 Catholic clergy between 1950 and 2019.

 “It is my hope that this report will shine light both on those who violated their positions of power and trust to abuse innocent children, and on the men in church leadership who covered up that abuse,” Kwame Raoul said in a statement. “These perpetrators may never be held accountable in a court of law, but by naming them here, the intention is to provide a public accountability and a measure of healing to survivors who have long suffered in silence.” As the attorney general's statement appears to acknowledge, state law limits how long after an alleged crime a suspect can be charged, meaning many of these allegations may never be heard in a court of law. So the question then turns to what exactly we are to do with this information.

 . . . The Illinois report adds to the thousands of previously reported incidents of child sexual abuse by clergy in conservative-leaning religious institutions over the past few decades. This includes last year’s report from Southern Baptist Convention leaders on allegations of widespread sexual abuse within the ultraconservative denomination.

 By comparison, there have been no credible reports, to my knowledge, of child sexual abuse at drag shows. And, of course, I’m only making the comparison here because many conservatives — including religious leaders in the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention — falsely equate drag shows or LGBTQ people with sexual perversion. In response, Republican lawmakers are pushing measures that bar minors from attending drag shows.

No need to ask certain questions because the answer is no. No, we will not see social media campaigns by people like Matt Walsh and the Heritage Foundation calling out churches. No, we will not see Twitter and TikTok videos of people going into Catholic and Southern Baptist Churches and interrupt services while calling out the abuse. No, we will not see people posting memes and tone rap songs calling out these churches.

All of that is reserved for drag queens and companies like Target, Kohls, or North Face.

And why?

Because it's probably considered as too boring. And it's not financially and socially advantageous for conservative social media crusaders. No one is going to put you on Fox News or Newsmax or any of those other far-right stations for calling out the church. Neither Matt Walsh, Charlie Kirk, nor any right-wing cockroaches infesting Twitter will amplify you if the attack is on churches. And you can't build a network of right-wing droolers who attach themselves to your every lie and outrage like the lemmings they are.

It's never been about protecting kids. It's always been about profit, social attention, and above all, prejudice.