Thursday, June 02, 2016

'Christian' news service can't even conduct unbiased poll about Mississippi anti-lgbt law

This is just pitiful.

Even when polling about Mississippi's awful anti-lgbt law, the American Family Association's One News Now doesn't trust its readers enough to ask unbiased questions. The following is a clip pulled from their ridiculously fawning article of the law and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant:

Seems to me that if you have to pull junk like this, perhaps you need to examine your conscience. It's not as Christian and moral as you pretend it to be.

'Stacey Dash - transgender people should use the the bushes for bathrooms' & other Thur midday news briefs

Stacey Dash: Transgender people should use bushes for bathrooms - You know at first, I regarded Dash as a mild annoyance, i.e. a failed actress who lucked into punditry and saying anything to get a paycheck. But now, the chyle has gotten personal. She sucks up all of the anti-transgender garbage and spews it out. Girlfriend, do you even HAVE a brain to process facts? 

On National TV Obama Is Asked and Answers: 'Why Is Which Bathroom a Person Uses Such an Issue?' - Unlike the person above, our president handled this question with dignity and grace. And of course he gave a wonderful answer (as if there was any doubt.)
 ‘I never wanted to be gay’: Christian musician comes out, in moving letter to fans - And of course some folks are freaking out. I personally wish him the best.

 Ex Gay Activist Janet Boynes Says Acceptance Of Gay Relationships Is A Sign Of The 'Last Days' - Why is it that almost every supposed "ex-gay activist" has a "ministry" which they hope to profit from?

Giving our transgender children a voice

I am amazed and saddened that during these arguments about "bathroom bills" and the transgender community in general, the religious right and their allies are always spouting nonsense about "protecting the children," when the sad irony is that their lies hurt children, i.e. our transgender children.

And what's worse is how these folks bogart the debate so much that it's difficult to hear what our transgender children have to say. And they have a lot to say. Hearing them clears up a lot of confusion: