Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Jenna Ellis is the latest anti-LGBTQ activist engulfed in Trump indictments

Jenna Ellis

It's interesting - to say the least - to watch Donald Trump's troubles and indictments engulf those who attached themselves to him. Particularly when some of these folks have been very vocal about the so-called sin of homosexuality.

I've already written about the anti-LGBTQ activism of Trump crony John Eastman when he was called an unindicted co-conspirator in Trump's last crop of indictments. Well now he has been officially indicted in this latest round. But he's not the only anti-LGBTQ activist involved now. 

According to People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch:

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis was charged with violating the Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and with solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer regarding efforts to convince state legislators to name phony pro-Trump electors in states he lost. 

 Before the 2020 election, Ellis was a strident campaign advocate for Trump, claiming that “the progressive left” was a “domestically grown enemy that was trying to destroy “ordered society” and “create chaos.” After Trump lost, she energetically promoted his stolen election claims alongside Rudy Giuliani and, for a while, Sidney Powell—and pressed those claims on religious-right media outlets like Eric Metaxas’ radio show. Ellis served as Giuliani’s sidekick during a hearing in Gettysburg organized by state Sen. Doug Mastriano in late November 2020. In late December 2020, she denounced the “failures” of the judicial branch and state legislatures and called for members of Congress to challenge Electoral College votes.

 She was also busy behind the scenes. Like fellow accused racketeer John Eastman, Ellis wrote legal memos offering justifications for Vice President Mike Pence to stop congressional certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. 

 Journalist Jonathan Karl wrote about Ellis’s memo in his book “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.” Here’s the plan her memo laid out: Pence would halt the constitutionally mandated congressional counting of Electoral College votes on Jan. 6 and give the battleground states until Jan. 15 to send a new set of votes. If no set of votes arrived by that time, the state’s Electoral College votes would not be counted. Ellis figured that would throw the election to the House of Representatives, where she believed Trump would be declared the winner. 

 She promoted a similar-sounding plan during a Jan. 4, 2021, interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody. Ellis said Pence should refuse to accept electors from states being challenged by Trump and throw the question of the electors’ legitimacy back to the state legislatures—something for which there is no legal or constitutional authority. With a straight face, Ellis said such an act “wouldn’t be political” and would create a “clean outcome” for the election. Brody endorsed Ellis’s scheme, tweeting, “Good idea!”

Ellis has also been vocal when it comes to smearing and denigrating LGBTQ people. According to The Advocate, last year she posted the following on her Instagram page with the caption "Where is the lie?"

That's not all:

Ellis took to Twitter to attack a lesbian whose success has catapulted her from an obscure radio personality to a household name -- MSNBC host and author Rachel Maddow. "Conservative women look so good that the left (who only have women like Rachel Maddow) assumes we've had surgeries to look this hot ... nah dawg, not a one. That would be your side. On kids," Ellis tweeted. 

The Advocate said she then doubled down her attack on Maddow by tweeting: 

 "The left is *still* big mad that conservative women are hotter than Rachel Maddow If you're so mad about it, try embracing your femininity instead of looking 'gender neutral' or like dudes."

In 2016, she has also claimed that legalizing gay marriage opens the door to pedophilia and bestiality. 

In addition, according to CNN:

Ellis has also repeatedly said the Supreme Court “ignored the immorality of homosexuality” in its decision to strike down laws that criminalized same-sex sexual activity. 

 “So then we get to Lawrence v. Texas, which was a Texas law criminalizing sodomy,” Ellis said at the Constitutional Literacy for Christians conference in February of 2016. “And judicial activism ignored the immorality of homosexuality and created this fabricated right to privacy that was in the penumbra of the Constitution and determined that homosexuality is within that right to privacy in the penumbra of the Constitution. And the Supreme Court with judicial activist motivations overturn that law.”

 In her 2015 book, “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution,” Ellis said the Lawrence ruling “set the groundwork for open celebration of homosexuality and all kinds of deviant sexual behavior with any coupling or grouping.”

Ellis presently having trouble raising money for her defense because Trump and his allies seems to have turned their backs on her. I'm certainly not celebrating her misfortune, but perhaps none of this would have happened to Ellis if she had followed the Biblical tenets about lying with as much eagerness as she used to stigmatize LGBTQ people.

I'm just saying.

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