Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Bigoted pastor can't help going on and on about 'gay sex,' vomit, and intestines


No matter what they say, how they present themselves, or method they use to make what they are doing seem good, hiding behind the mask of every homophobe (and that includes Franklin Graham),  every so-called 'pro-family' group, every effort to ban LGBTQ books, and every effort to shut us down and undermine our right is this guy going on and on about "gay sex," vomiting and intestines. If you ask me, he has too much stuff on his mind and it is funny. It would be funnier if one doesn't think of the type of damage people like him do.

'Conservative arrested for death threats against superintendent after district put on 'watch list'' & other Wed midday news briefs

Conservative arrested for death threat against superintendent after district put on “watch list” - Social media can be a dangerous thing in the hands of the naive.

Trans Woman Accused of Murder; She Says It Was Self-Defense​ - This is what trans women have to deal with. 

Jaelene Daniels cut by the Courage after her continued anti-LGBT actions - If this is the last that we will be hearing from this, color me surprised The anti-LGBTQ industry is always looking for new martyrs. 

Hochul signs bill expanding resources for LGBTQ seniors - A lot of times, the seniors in our community are forgotten. We need to do better.