Monday, March 02, 2020

'Team Trump to rally at 'Gay is Not Okay' church' & other Tue midday news briefs

Trump continues to target the LGBTQ community and the media continues to ignore it.

Team Trump to rally at ‘Gay is Not Okay’ church - From my pal, buddy, and person whom I am constantly envious at over his incredible astute activist, Jeremy Hooper comes this nauseating bit: 

  . . . the same team that sells pride merchandise on its site, is supposedly working to help LGBTQ people across the globe, and that gives lip service to being a friend to LGBTQ people is choosing to rally at a church that deeply opposes LGBTQ people and all that we stand for. Solid Rock Church has made no bones about its resistance to even basic acceptance of LGBTQ people, and has even managed to carve out a national profile due to this stance. But for Team Trump, this is just another opportunity to court ant-LGBTQ people through yet another deeply homophobic and transphobic partnership. 

 What say you, Richard Grenell, Peter Thiel, and Log Cabin Republicans? 

'Whiplash' Of LGBTQ Protections And Rights, From Obama To Trump - Trump targeted us and we aren't going to forget that. Or forgive it either. 

Drag queen charity bingo benefiting senior centers targeted by authorities as “gambling” - It was never gambling. The money always went to senior citizen charities.

Pete Buttigieg Changed What It Means For LGBTQ Candidates To Run For Office - Yes he did. And he made history.

Activist learns public and embarrassing lesson when he falsely links LGBTQ people to pedophiles

From LGBTQNation, something which took place last week. And it will make you cheer:

During a public testimony hearing, an anti-LGBTQ rant from a Florida man was so offensive that a Republican lawmaker had to shut him down. Greg Pound—who has made a name for himself by attending public hearings to tout conspiracy theories and spew offensive language—was attempting to testify before the Florida House Appropriations Committee about a controversial school voucher program that provided funding to many anti-LGBTQ Christian schools.

He opened his testimony by linking LGBTQ folks to pedophiles and promptly got shot down by the chair of the committee, Travis Cummings. Naturally, Pound wasn't happy, but he will get over it. As you can see and hear, the other people watching the hearing were very happy.