Monday, June 20, 2011

David Tyree's Superbowl statement is ignorant, self-righteous

 Today, news has come down from New York that during an anti-marriage equality news conference, Superbowl hero and new NOM spokesman David Tyree said the following:
Asked if he’d give up the Super Bowl to stop gay marriage, Tyree said: “Honestly, I probably would.”
“Nothing means more to me than that my God would be honored,” he said. “Being the fact that I firmly believe that God created and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, I believe that that’s something that should be fought for at all costs.”
“So I’ll lay down everything I am to preserve the honor and integrity of the God that I serve.”

That's all well and good except for one fact.

David Tyree did not singlehandedly win the Superbowl for the New York Giants that year. Granted, he caught a pass brilliantly, but remember that the thrower of that pass, Eli Manning, did receive the Superbowl MVP award for that game.

And let's not forget Tyree's other teammates who also played just as hard as he to not only get to the Superbowl, but also win it.

But one must not hold it against Tyree. When you get caught up in a situation where your ego gets puffed up, it's difficult to remember the folks who got you there.

But still, Tyree has no business saying that he would give up the Superbowl win because it doesn't belong to him solely. It's something he has to share.

In that same respect, the definition of marriage is not something that  folks like Tyree have a right to dictate. They aren't the only tax-paying citizens in New York, therefore they should not have final say over the matter, regardless of their religious beliefs or otherwise.

What Tyree's statement perfectly captures is the self-righteous audacity of those who would deny lgbtqs the right to marriage equality. They seem to think that they have a divine right to it, even though their arguments as to the reasons why are either outright lies (marriage equality will force kindergartners to learn about gay intimacy) or just downright stupid (marriage equality will lead to anarchy).

It's a sad commentary about a selfish mindset. Tyree, NOM and others like them think that they are the only important components in this argument of marriage equality. They seem to think that their opinions are the only ones which matter. What about the same-sex couple together for a number of years with no legal protection (and no money to afford to jump through the financial hoops to gain that legal protection) should something tragic happen to one of them?

Or what about the thousands upon thousand of same-sex households with children? Why should they be considered as anonymous bothers? Why should children in these households feel that there is something wrong with their families?

No matter how closely Tyree clings to the cross, no matter how tightly he grips his Bible, these families aren't going away. And their needs should be addressed.

Just like Tyree has absolutely no right to give up his Superbowl victory because it's not something he earned on his own, he and others who are against marriage equality have no right to decide whether or not lgbtqs should be legally married.

Because the definition of marriage does not belong solely to them

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NOM lies by taking credit for slow process of NY marriage vote

As New York slowly but steadily push the way for marriage equality, the National Organization for Marriage is spinning the situation to pat its own back. On its blog:

Breaking News: Growing Rallies Halt Gay Marriage Push in NY

 No news is good news for our side -- time to keep up the momentum! This update from the AP:
Hundreds of protesters for and against gay marriage in New York chanted, sang and sought out TV cameras Monday while the state Senate again came to no resolution on the issue in a closed-door session that barely touched on the nationally divisive topic.

... On Monday, groups led by clergy opposed to same-sex marriage sang hymns such as "Victory is Mine" and prayed in small circles while pro-same-sex marriage advocates countered with "God Bless America" and "This Little Light of Mine" and lined the halls and parlor outside the Senate chamber.

... New York's vote is pivotal in the national question over same-sex marriage, an effort that largely stalled in the same room two years ago when the Senate voted it down. Since then, efforts have failed in New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland.

And that's pretty much the crux of the NOM blog post - claiming that it is leading a groundswell of opinion against the bill.

However, the organization is lying.

Are the anti-marriage equality forces in NY stalling for a reaction?

Just something short which came to my mind about the situation in New York.

A small part of me gets the impression that there is stalling going in hopes of getting the lgbtq community so frustrated in NY that they begin acting out in frustration. Could it be that on the other side, there is a hope that the longer this thing bears out, NY lgbtqs and their allies demonstrate their frustration in demonstratively angry ways?

And if that happens, count on the following to happen next:

NOM spreads the message about violent homosexuals on its blogs and to its partners,

the Catholic Church, particularly Archbishop Dolan, begins to pressure the issue,

David Tyree pushes talking points about "see I told you how this situation will lead to anarchy,"

There is announcement that several Republican senators begin changing their minds on their pro-equality votes in an attempt to "distance" themselves from the angry lgbtq community,

Internally amongst NY lgbtqs and our allies, the cohesion disappears,

and if by magic, suddenly Sen. Skelos calls for a vote to settle the question of marriage equality.

One guess what the ending is going to be.

If this is the case, then it is a sad, filthy tactic which proves that in spite of all of their prayers and talk of upholding God's will, those who oppose marriage equality don't have any suitable arguments to defend their cause and therefore have to exploit the righteous indignation of those oppressed by their lies.

So my lgbtq brothers and sisters in NY, as well as our allies, PLEASE don't give in to it. Don't give in to anger and frustration. You are so close to getting what should have been yours in the first place. This stalling tactic may be a desperate ploy - a way to make you forget the nobility of your argument, of your struggle for basic decency.

Don't fall for it.

Keep your heads up and keep pushing with respect. Don't let lawmakers forget that you are tax-paying citizens deserving of basic rights. And don't give them excuses to strip you of your dignity and humanity.

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Republican stall continues in NY and other Monday midday news briefs

As NY vote draws near, NOM dives headfirst into homophobic lunacy

As the vote for marriage equality draws near, the National Organization for Marriage has a myriad of plans to show its displeasure. According to Jeremy Hooper, the folks will be hold a 1 PM press conference at the NY State Capitol this afternoon. Supposedly the new spokesmodel, Carrie Prejean - I mean David Tyree - will be there.

Also attending will be Rev Jason McGuire. According to Americablog Gay, McGuire is:

leading the anti-marriage effort -- and continuously makes outrageous statements like comparing marriage to child abuse, "says that there is no degree of religious exemption that will ever appease him, and that his side will challenge marriage equality in court regardless of how the eventual law is worded."

Also according to Americablog Gay, it looks good for the bill:

based on the reporting of the NY Post. looks like this could be the day for a marriage vote in the State Senate:Gov. Cuomo and Senate Republican boss Dean Skelos could say, "I do" as soon as today on a historic gay-marriage bill that includes strengthened exemptions for religious groups.

Negotiators for the Republican-run Senate privately admitted that a deal is near after aides spent the Father's Day weekend ironing out language to appease "religious liberty" concerns that have been raised by several fence-sitting GOP senators.

 If there is a victory in New York, count on NOM to abandon all pretenses of sweet and light. Already on its blog, it's touting unbelievable deceptions:

The Alliance Defense Fund has provided a great service to our efforts to protect marriage:
Results from what is likely the most extensive national research survey of its kind show that 62 percent of Americans believe that “marriage should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.” Fifty-three percent of Americans strongly agreed.
The scientific survey, sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund and completed by Public Opinion Strategies May 16-19, was part of a comprehensive examination of American attitudes toward marriage. In addition to the national survey, the research included 14 focus groups completed across the country.
... “These numbers are not surprising,” said Public Opinion Strategies partner, and the survey’s director, Gene Ulm. “More than 63 million Americans in 31 state elections have voted on constitutional marriage amendments. Forty million Americans in all—63 percent of total voters--have voted to affirm marriage as a union between a man and a woman.”
“Americans strongly affirm the lifelong, faithful union of a man and a woman as the fundamental building block of civilization,” said Raum. “This survey, along with the nearly 80 percent win rate in ADF marriage cases, shows the opposition has created an illusion of momentum but not a real base of support or track record of victory in the courts.”

This study was meant to combat a more credible study which says the majority of Americans actually support marriage equality. But the media is not paying attention to this study. For one thing, it's from the extremely homophobic Alliance Defense Fund. The organization doesn't have a reputation of fairness when it come to the lgbt community.

Secondly, the Alliance Defense Fund never even released the methodology of the study, i.e. how the questions were asked, who was asked.

Furthermore, according to the Colorado Independent, the firm which conducted the study doesn't necessarily have a flawless reputation itself:

The firm that conducted the survey, Public Opinion Strategies, is tied to Republican Party causes and has been linked to unethical election campaign strategies in the past. According to Raw Story, the firm was charged with violating Virginia polling disclosure laws and was accused of using push polls to influence elections in favor of Republican candidates. The firm was also reportedly tied to the 1990s “Harry and Louise” ad paid for by insurance-industry giants that sunk Clinton Administration health insurance reform proposals.

In another item on its blog, NOM actually refers to the Family Research Council's shrill video about the so-called dangers of marriage equality:

A new documentary produced by FRC:

To expose the threat [of same-sex marriage] and awaken Americans, Family Research Council is releasing a brand new documentary, "The Problem with Same-sex Marriage: How It Will Affect You and Your Children."

This documentary shows in heartbreaking detail what happens when marriage is redefined. You will hear first-hand accounts of how same-sex "marriage" impacts your parental rights, your children, and your religious liberties.

Your eyes will be opened to the growing intolerance and intimidation toward those who espouse marriage as the union of a man and a woman. And you will be equipped to know your rights so that you can take a stand for marriage in your community.

Oh please. This the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council - home of Peter Sprigg, who wants to either deport lgbtqs or put us in jail for showing intimacy.

This is the same organization which - even as I blog - is secretly passing along information which it earlier declared outdated, including information from a discredited researcher (Paul Cameron) who claims that when gays aren't molesting children or committing serial killings - are either wallowing around in feces or stuffing gerbils up our rectums.

I smell desperation on the part of NOM. That's okay by me though. When folks get desperate, they get careless. When folks get careless, they begin to lose to those watching for these moments of desperation.

And NOM, I've been watching you for a long time.

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