Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Drag Queens RULE!!

Drag queens get a bad rap. Whenever certain people - whether they be internal concern trolls or outsiders thinking that our existence depends upon their acceptance - want to make a gripe about how LGBTQ people try to be "deliberately different," they seem to always point to the drag queens. Asserting that drag queens are what's wrong with our community, they falsely portray them as a sort of public enemy number one. All of this madness came into focus during the multiple and increasingly silly attacks on Drag Queen Story Hour.

The truth is, drag queens are some of the most popular facets of LGBTQ culture, and that includes with heterosexuals. And why shouldn't they be?  They are the epitomes of talent in our community. They create their own personas, make their own costumes, practice their own routines until they get them perfect. And on top of all of this, they lend their time and talents for charitable endeavors, seeking no monetary payment but simple acknowledgement for what they do. 

So while we give homage to the hell raisers and rabble rousers of LGBTQ history, let's not forget the queens who raise our spirits with their performances and who continue to remind us just how wonderful it is to be unique. They prove on a daily basis that unique folks need not follow the crowd. The crowd follows them.

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