Thursday, September 16, 2021

Video - 15 Golden Girls Characters We Love To Hate

If there is one thing I learned during Donald Trump's time in the White Office (which is officially known as the years we all went to the other side of the mountain) it's that sometimes you have to take a break from it all and have a little light fun for the sake of your sanity. So there were days in which I took time off from the mission of this blog to spotlight frivolous and fun stuff. This blog post will be one of those times.

The above video is for those hardcore fans of The Golden Girls who have seen just about every episode and can repeat ever choice line from their hearts. These are 15 Golden Girls Characters We Love To Hate.

Speaking solely for myself, there was one I really hated and another who was so hateful that I rather liked her. I wished she were in more episodes.

Hat tip to Stay Golden for the video.

'Shepard Smith discusses being 'token gay' at Fox News for 25 years' & other Thur midday news briefs

Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith Discusses Being 'Token Gay' at Fox News for 25 Years - I'm all ears.

DOJ expands probe into anti-LGBTQ prison violence in Georgia after 44 murders in the past year - "The Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened an investigation into the allegedly deplorable conditions in Georgia state prisons, sparked by an ongoing investigation into anti-LGBTQ sexual violence committed by prisoners and staff in Georgia."