Friday, October 18, 2013

Know Your LGBT History - Famous bisexual men and women throughout history

While we all celebrate the immense victory given to our community today in New Jersey, let's also take the time to spotlight members of our community who don't get their due.

The following videos spotlight famous bisexual men and women throughout history.

Many have been verified, while others have the subject of much speculation. Whatever the case may be, it's important to remember that being bisexual has nothing to do with promiscuity.  The bisexual orientation is not a light switch to be turned on and off. It simply means you have an attraction to both men and women.

One more thing - to my transgender brothers and sisters, I have something special for you too, which will be featured next week. I want to create posts which specifically show bisexual and transgender men and women in their own spotlight because it's way past time that this is done.

Next list:

1) Leonard Bernstein
 2) Mick Jagger
 3) David Bowie
 4) Kurt Cobain
 5) Sammy Davis Jr. 
6) Billie Joe Armstrong 
7) Alec Guinness 
8) Merv Griffin
 9) Errol Flynn
 10) Gary Cooper 
11) James Dean 
12) Marlon Brando
 13) Howard Hughes 
14) Bret Easton Ellis 
15) Hans Christian Andersen 
16) William S. Burroughs 
17) Lord Byron 
18) Walt Whitman 
19) Langston Hughes
 20) Oscar Wilde 
21) St. Augustine of Hippo 
22) King Philip of Macedon 
23) Socrates 
24) Julius Caesar 
25) William Shakespeare 
26) Abraham Lincoln 
27) Alexander Hamilton 
28) Alexander the Great 
29) All 300 of the Spartan Warriors

 Information about Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed can be seen here.

Past Know Your LGBT History Posts:

Unsolved murders, attacks on lgbts of color NEEDS more attention

Editor's note - There will not be a midday post today due to prior commitments on my part.

Presented without jokes or wisecracks. Just a huge degree of sadness and prayers that these victims and their families get justice: