Thursday, December 12, 2013

'Pat Robertson: Lesbian friend may turn your children gay' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Robertson: Lesbian Friend Might Turn Your Kids Gay - I did NOT get that memo from National Headquarters. When did the Gay Mafia vote on this? 

 In other news: 

 Republican Senators Introduce ‘License To Discriminate’ Against Married Same-Sex Couples - Words fail me . . .

Fox's Favorite Right-Wing Legal Group Applauds India's Ban On Gay Sex - Oh those poor 
"persecuted" bigots on the right. 

Planting Peace Launches 'Uganda Underground' Safe-Housing Initative For LGBT Community - And you can help with this effort, too.

Peter LaBarbera blames Jamaican lgbts for their own persecution

Editor's note: It's a rare two post day on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters due to the fact that today's news briefs will be pre-empted. After reading this post, pan down to read how Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association undermine complaints about the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Apparently the criticism due to his Jamaican trip is getting to Peter LaBarbera.  It was reported this week that LaBarbera recently attended a conference in that country in which he advised folks there to fight to retain the laws against sodomy (called "buggery laws). These laws form the building blocks of anti-gay oppression in Jamaica. In part, LaBarbera said:

I do not stand with my government. I’m a patriotic American, but I do not stand with the current United States government in its promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion. But I do stand with the Jamaican people … I pray that you will learn from our mistakes and from lessons of history and avoid the inevitable moral corruption and health hazards and the danger to young people that come from capitulating to this sin movement that calls itself gay. It is almost now can be predicted with 100 percent accuracy, if the law is a teacher: If you take down this law, it will only lead to more demands. Appeasement does not work.

LaBarbera received lots of deserved criticism, particularly from pro-lgbt sites and blogs, not only because of his rhetoric, but also how his rhetoric can be used to fuel anti-gay violence in Jamaica. Jamaica is unfortunately known for its homophobic violence. According to Truth Wins Out:

Just this year, a gay man was stabbed to death, after which his home was set on fire while the body was inside. The article also reports that the week prior, a mob tried to attack a man they perceived as gay. The month before, a gender-nonconforming teen was “chopped and stabbed” to death. Those are just incidents that happened between July and September of this year. In 2006, Time Magazine labeled Jamaica “the most homophobic place on earth,” and for good reason.

In a post on his Americans for Truth webpage, LaBarbera sought to minimize the idea that his rhetoric could cause further violence against Jamaican lgbts. 

Bryan Fischer, India, the SPLC, and the big irony of homophobia

Define irony:

At the same time several groups, including the American Family Association complain to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center for declaring various anti-gay organizations as hate groups,  Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is praising India Supreme Court for its ruling criminalizing "gay sex"

Someone is obviously trying to have it both ways.