Wednesday, May 03, 2017

If 'religious liberty' can justify anti-lgbtq discrimination, then why not racial discrimination?

Trump possibly signing the executive order giving a license to discriminate, which actually targets the lgbtq community is ugly enough, but we may not be considering the entire scope.

History tells us of unintended consequences.

Wikipedia describes unintended consequences as outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action. In other words, Trump's possible 'religious liberty' executive order may initially target the lgbtq community, but I defy anyone to refute the video below (thanks to Wayne Besen and Truth Wins Out). Also tell how any other ethnic, racial, or religious group - even Christians - would be safe from discrimination should Trump sign that executive order.

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LGBTQ and progressive groups & activists prepare to 'unleash the beast' on Trump's anti-lgbtq EO

The possible future as of tomorrow. Will Trump endorse discrimination?

Editor' note - It is dumb enough that Trump is even contemplating signing an anti-lgbtq 'religious liberty' executive order. It is beyond the dimensions of stupidity that he announces his plan over a day in advance. It doesn't matter how many phony victims the religious right may trot out at the signing to justify that mess because us folks who are opposing it are extremely angry and all we need is time organize. Thank you for that, you jerks.

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