Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why are the 'moral values' groups silent about Ugandan anti-gay bill?

This morning's post about Peter LaBarbera, Robert Knight, and the Ugandan anti-gay bill is significant because other than Knight and LaBarbera, the religious right have been conveniently silent about the bill.

I half expected Matt Barber to spin some illogical nonsense about it but even he has been silent.

I think he may have spent too much capital on that feud with Exodus International, the one where he aligned himself with LaBarbera and embarrassed all parties involved, including his employer, the Liberty Counsel.

But I find it so conspicuous that these "moral values " groups in the middle of the fundraising, organizing conferences to "take back America," and huge prayer telecasts couldn't take a little time out of their busy schedules of phony doom prognosticating to give even one, albeit transparent, comment about the situation in Uganda.

How far has Christianity in this country sunk that the supposed leaders of the "moral believers of Christ" will not comment on a prospective genocide.

But who am I kidding? The religious right on the whole have been silent about Uganda for the same reason that the Liberty Counsel has been silent about the Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller custody case.

They don't want people to be reminded that they are in part responsible for it.

It's their rhetoric and talking points about lgbts which the proponents of this bill are spouting. It was their people (i.e. Scott Lively, etc) who came over to Uganda and spread stories about "evil gays" hurting children.

And now like a cartoon character who causes a huge accident and then walks away from it whistling nonchalantly with his hands in his pockets, organizations like Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, the American Family Assocation, and others like them are quietly disassociating themselves from this mess that they helped to create by keeping silent.

Keep it up, guys. You won't get away scott free.

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Ugandan anti-gay bill proceeds and other Thursday midday news briefs

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Maggie's cross - Maggie Gallagher isn't happy with the Proposition 8 trial. Awwwwwww!

Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News For Reveling In Scott Brown Win (VIDEO) - I had to get this in. No one destroys liars quite like Jon Stewart.

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Take note, Peter LaBarbera - true Christians don't defend genocide

I don't know about Peter LaBarbera. It's obvious that he feels just a bit jealous over the attention focused on Massachusetts, otherwise he wouldn't have felt the need to go so far off the deep end in the newest hot mess of a post on his webpage entitled:

What Qualifies the United States to Lecture Uganda on Homosexuality?

In this piece, LaBarbera is defending another column written by fellow religious right member (and Paul Cameron enabler) Robert Knight. That piece attacked The New York Times for daring to question Uganda's wisdom in pushing the bill which criminalizes people for simply being gay.

LaBarbera, of course, felt the need to add his comments to Knight's already hateful column:

Folks, I’ve been trying to avoid the Ugandan “Culture War” on homosexuality because I figure we’re busy enough with our own here in the USA. But that hasn’t stopped American homosexual activists and fellow travelers like Professor Warren Throckmorton of the “evangelical” Grove City College from insinuating themselves into the Ugandan situation. (Sadly, Warren has lost his faith in the ability of God to radically change homosexuals through Christ, and now busily works — even in Uganda! — to promote the faithless and disheartening message that most “gays and lesbians” cannot change their basic “orientation” . . .

Here’s the question I keep asking myself about the Uganda controversy: just what is it that qualifies the United States of America to lecture the Ugandans about homosexuality? Is it our public policy that enshrines immoral sexual behavior (oops: “sexual orientation”) and gender confusion (er…”gender identity and expression”) as a “civil right”? Is it our homosexual “marriage” laws that make a mockery of this divine institution (laws about which Prof. Throckmorton is curiously silent)? How about our pro-homosexuality educational propaganda in K-12 schools that corrupts young students’ minds in the name of “tolerance”? Or the 24/7 “gay bathhouses” and sex clubs that proliferate in urban centers across the United States to facilitate quick-and-easy (and anonymous) deviant sexual hook-ups? (“Come to America: where you can have all the safe sodomy you want! Discounts for students (no joke) and free condoms available for your perverted pleasure!”)

Again with the "gay bathhouses" and "sex clubs." If I were one for innuendo, I would definitely ask why is LaBarbera so consumed with talking about "gay bathhouses" and "sex clubs."

Why doesn't he ever talk about heterosexual sex clubs and swinging groups?

I'm not saying that LaBarbera is gay. I'm just trying make a point about how this man consumes himself with stigmatizing the lgbt community.

His ramblings always read like a Nazi propaganda film on Jewish people. They are no different than a racist skinhead reading off distorted FBI statistics to claim that African-Americans are more violent than whites.

His reliance on fear stories about gays, deviant sex, and the harming of children is no different than ugly lynch mobs conjuring up stories of black men raping white women in an attempt to justify their crimes.

Earth to Peter - if you can just stop the obsession over gay sex for a second, let me give you a few facts.

The Ugandan anti-gay bill is draconian. No one in their right mind would defend it. Among other things, it punishes people with life imprisonment or death for simply being an lgbt.

It forces family members and friends to "inform on" lgbts as if they are criminals.

It unfairly and inaccurately connects the lgbt orientation with pedophilia.

It stigmatizes lgbts and causes them to fear for their lives.

You ask what qualifies America to lecture Uganda on homosexuality but a better question is why would you as a Christian defend such a bill?

By your mindboggling defense of this bill, you (and Robert Knight) justify every name that the lgbt community has given you including "bigot,"  "liar," "hater," and especially "hypocrite."

From time to time, you pepper your anti-gay website with Biblical quotes celebrating holidays like Christmas and Easter.

You claim to cling to the Bible as if it's your refuge and strength, but it's obvious that you have been paying so much attention to the supposed verses about homosexuality that you have forgotten the verses which talk about how you should treat your fellow man.

And you probably didn't even read the verses about "love."

Regardless of how you feel about homosexuality or how you obsess about naked gay men, you can't justify any defense of this bill.

True Christians don't defend genocide.

But frankly Peter, I don't know what you are.

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