Thursday, March 12, 2015

So . . . when exactly did you decide to become gay?

In a tribute to Ben Carson, the site Funny or Die decided do a man on the street interview and ask folks when exactly did they decide to become gay?

Just in case you are wondering about me, I decided somewhere between the seventh episode of the Wonder Woman television series, Diana Ross's Caesar's Palace Concert, or when I really wanted to be one of those teenaged back-up singers in the Tempted video by that group Squeeze.

'Lgbts, allies think of awesome ideas to combat homophobia' & other Thursday midday news briefs

This is a WONDERFUL media campaign. It educates folks about the transgender community and turns an anti-gay lie on its head:
Buzzfeed goes into more detail about this campaign, which as you can tell, I support big time.

In other news:

Oklahoma Dem amendment: Christian businesses must post notice of anti-gay discrimination - Another wonderful idea. Why not? If you don't want to serve lgbts, then why should we find out when we come to your business. That's just wasting OUR time. Really though, I think this brings home just how devastating these bogus arguments of "religious liberty" are. It's easy to talk about hypothetical situations, but put it in real-life demonstrations and see what happens.  I wonder if these folks talking about their "religious liberties" have the guts to do this.

Anti-Gay Pundits: Ignoring 'Disgusting' Homosexuality Is 'Like Trying To Talk About The Holocaust Without Showing Pictures' - I hate to be the one to point it out, but it's a surfeit homophobic craziness on Religious Right Watch today. This is just one of the least crazy items.

 Christian College Tried To Stop Bake Sale For Homeless LGBT Youth, But They Raised Thousands Anyway - A happy ending for some of our lgbt children.  

Utah Legislature Passes Extraordinary LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill By Huge Margin - Forgive my cynicism but what's the catch?