Monday, August 30, 2021

Carrie Prejean is back and she's trying to 'save' America from mask mandates just like she 'saved' it from gay marriage

Carrie Prejean

Guess who is back?

That's Carrie Prejean (now Carrie Prejean Boller) as one of the annoying wannabe activists undermining the country's fight against the COVID pandemic:

 Prejean . . . took the spotlight once again, this time as an anti-mask extremist who declared her intention to run for school board after she attacked Encinitas school board officials, while declaring the pandemic is now "over." (The pandemic is nowhere near over.) 

 "My name is Carrie Boller, you see my shirt it says 'mama,' and I'm a mama bear and I know there's a lot of mama bears here tonight," she declared, seeming to echo Sarah Palin. "No one's gonna mess with our cubs. I'm a resident of Encinitas, born and raised San Diegan, and tonight I'm simply here to tell you to unmask our children, we're done begging."

 "In fact, we're done asking for permission. We are going to be unmasking our children today. The pandemic is over, the parents are done. We're done asking you, public servants, for permission. We are done, you can all wear your masks in fact you can wear two masks and three masks, you can wear gloves you can have plexiglass. You can do whatever you need to do to keep you safe, but we the parents believe we have a choice for our children, and I don't know who you think you are, that you think that you have more of a say than us the parents and our doctors. I don't know who any of you think you are. I really don't. It ends today, we are declaring our freedom, tonight. We do not consent to the lies, fear-mongering, and abuse – you all know it's abuse," she claimed, apparently referring to mask mandates.

I see Carrie is as loudmouth and clueless as she was in 2009 when she came on the scene. For the benefit of those who are not aware, Ms. Boller is a former Miss California who got into a huge controversy over marriage equality during the Miss America Pageant. One of the judges, celebrity gossip Perez Hilton, asked her about the subject and she proceeded to speak against it.

That should have been the entire situation, but no. Hilton proceeded to later attack her online for her answer. This faux pas allowed the religious right to portray Miss Carrie as an innocent Christian who was being attacked by "radical homosexuals" for "merely speaking about her faith." True story - they even painted her as a modern day Queen Esther after the Biblical Jewish queen who saved her people from genocide.

But then came part two of Ms. Carrie's 15 minutes of fame. As quickly as she rose as the newest religious right star, she plummeted back to Earth. Hard. If one wanted to pinpoint why she lost purity points, there were so many issues which comes to mind. It could have been those half naked pictures of her, her breast implants, the sex tape, and her wannabe-diva behavior. Needless to say, the religious right disowned her as quickly as they anointed her. 

So now here she is over 10 years later hoping to grab some fame by trying to echo tired Sarah Palin lines. It's actually "mama grizzlies," Miss Carrie.  If you're going to struggle for relevancy, your verbal plagiarizing should at the very least be accurate.

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