Tuesday, June 09, 2020

The Lincoln Project is dragging Donald Trump by his roots

When all of this madness is over, I suggest that the LGBTQ community take notes from the Lincoln Project when it comes to attacking. This organization - made up of Republicans who oppose Trump - have been dragging him hard for months with brutal ads like the ones below. I would love to hit the anti-LGBTQ industry like this.

'Biden campaign launches massive LGBTQ voter outreach program' & other Tue midday news briefs

Joe Biden
Biden campaign launches massive LGBTQ voter outreach program - Good. The LGBTQ community really needs to be engaged in this particular election. 

Pride 2020: How LGBTQ Pride Month went from movement to marketing - I say this is a good idea to a point. Others may disagree.

Thomas Roberts launches new program to share positive LGBTQ-oriented news - I love this idea. It's definitely needed. 

He Left Us Better Than He Found Us: Remembering Activist Ron Simmons - Amen.