Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ten Important LGBTQ Moments in US History

Whether or not you agree with the historical relevance of all of the items on this video list (compiled by Ms. Mojo in June), you have to admit that, at the very least, one thing is clear. LGBTQs will always eventually win because we aren't afraid of the hard battle:

'Why The Nashville Statement is a piece of bigoted garbage' & other Wed midday news briefs

A homophobic piece of garbage

Quotes From The Nashville Statement That Are Flat-Out Homophobic - Let's be clear about this crap.

Bigoted evangelicals comically think LGBTQs give a damn about their opinions - Very clear as my post from last night says: 

 Our community fought like hell for the right to marry. We did things the right and honorable way by proving our case in the right arena, i.e. the court. We EARNED marriage equality. And we aims to keep it. No statement by a bunch of self-righteous wannabe religious phonies is going to change that. Nor will we be made to hate ourselves because you have the ridiculous belief that you sit on the right hand of God and angels sing your praises when you walk across a floor. To put it succinctly - Ain't none of you special. Get over yourselves. No one gives a damn about what you think. 

Children’s books about gender identity prompt right-wing media freakout over trans-inclusive education - Apparently, attacking elderly transgender men and women simply isn't enough for the right. 

'Grossly Misleading': LGBT Legal Experts Slam Reports Defense Secretary Has 'Frozen' Transgender Policy - Something worth knowing . . .

No, Mattis did not ‘freeze’ the transgender military ban - More about this mess. 

Chile legalises gay marriage and allows LGBT couples to adopt as historic new bill signed - Good for Chile!