Tuesday, May 31, 2022

June 2022 is here with Saturday Night Live's Pride Month Song!

 Wednesday will be the first day of June and thus the beginning of Pride month 2022. I have a feeling that certain people may attempt to make this year's pride month very interesting with all of the chaos they have been attempting from accusing us of grooming kids to demanding that LGBTQ books be banned from school and public libraries.

No doubt that element will present itself in an attempt to spoil our time. In anticipation, I am posting the video above from Saturday Night Live as a way of easing us into the month with a bit of comedy and good feeling. Also as reminder that it's still our month and our time. No one will ever take that and anything else away from us. No matter how hard they try.

BUT if worse comes worse, y'all still enjoy the month. Leave the ruckus raising to me. That will be how I enjoy the month.


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