Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rand Paul's idea to settle marriage equality debate dehumanizes same-sex couples

 In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Rand Paul suggests an idea to settle the marriage equality debate. If you ask me, it's as bad as Romney's "self-deportation" idea. Seriously. Paul's idea of giving same-sex couples contracts dehumanizes our relationships,as we are entering a business partnership rather than a marriage.

Good luck with seeking that presidential nomination, Paul. You're gonna need it AND prayer.

'Jindal makes anti-gay RFRA bill a huge priority' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Bobby Jindal
Jindal makes religious freedom bill a legislative priority - So LA Governor Bobby Jindal is making the passage of the state's anti-gay "religious freedom" bill a priority. No doubt, a serious bid to get some serious credibility for himself as THE presidential candidate the religious right is looking for. Frankly, a part of me hopes he succeeds. His success ensures that he will NEVER get anywhere near the White House. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby! Pandering shouldn't be so obvious. It demonstrates a serious lack of finesse.  

How Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Justifying Anti-Gay Discrimination - Speaking of which, if the lgbt community ignores this upcoming 2016 election and we get one of these bozos, I'm coming after everyone with grandma's switch. 

Robin Roberts Celebrates Life On ‘AARP Magazine’ - Robn Roberts makes the cover of AARP magazine and gets interviewed! Sweet! And of course she discusses her life in the interview, including life with her partner of 10 years, licensed massage therapist Amber Laign.

 Same-Sex Attracted Men, 'Ex-Gay' Group Urge Supreme Court To Rule Against Marriage Equality - What I don't get is this - if these guys are happy with their lives, why won't they afford same-sex couples the same luxury? Here you see the fallacy with ex-gay groups and folks like these guys. They claim that the lgbt community won't let them lives as they please, but behind their false victimhood status, they are undermining OUR lives. They won't let US be comfortable with OUR lives.  

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's Approval Ratings Crash, Burn After 'Religious Freedom' Law Firestorm - And it couldn't have happened to a more appropriate guy (other than Bobby Jindal that is)