Thursday, May 14, 2020

Maria Bartiromo proves how Fox News is helping Trump to wreck America (in less than 2 minutes)

Why Donald Trump has survived thus far in spite of all of his miscues and mistakes is simple. And it's not totally due to his supporters. It's because he is the first president in the history of this country who has an entire "news" network working to overhype his successes and cushion his many falls. And that's when it's not amplifying his many lies and conspiracy theories. In the old days, we called it propaganda. Nowadays, people seem to be desensitized enough to call it news.

I am talking about the Fox News Network, unfortunately the number one news network in the country and shameless promotion agent of the Trump Administration. The network has never been the bastion of objectivity, but with Trump in office, its bias has skyrocketed to the outer limits. The video above features a 1:19 second summation of an interview that Fox News personality (she is not a journalist, no matter what she claims) Maria Bartiromo conducted recently with Trump. The video spotlights her questions and the tone of the interview. It's rather embarrassing to Bartiromo and one would think that if she had any integrity at all, she would quit the profession. Or at least lock herself in a windowless room where she can dump all of the money she is receiving from her Fox News contract while counting it with glazed eyes and drool running down her chin.

Bear in mind that in the backdrop of this, America is in the middle of an awful pandemic in which over one million are infected and over 85,000 have died. And fingers have accurately pointed to Trump's carelessness and incompetence leading us to this point. However, based upon what you will see above, Bartiromo gave Trump a respite from taking responsibility by conducting an interview with wafer thin substance, making sure to fawn over him and amplify his latest lie - ObamaGate.

And this does have an effect on his supporters. When things like what Bartiromo did gives them tacit encouragement to dive with Trump down the rabbit hole, they are difficult to bring back to terra firma. They have more incentive to engage in their reckless support instead of crucial and much needed self-examination about their values. But Bartiromo and definitely hardly anyone else at the Fox News Network cares. For them, from Bartiromo to Sean Hannity  to Tucker Carlson, etc, etc, it's not about truth. It's about power. And money.

 Lots and lots of money.

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