Thursday, June 02, 2011

NOM's Brian Brown sets record for most lies told in a letter

UPDATE -  For an update on this story, go here.

It's one thing to lie. But it's quite another to lie so poorly that you are immediately exposed and not care.

The National Organization for Marriage's president, Brian Brown post a letter on NOM's blog. In the letter, he talked about a recent incident in California in which a class was taught gender diversity:

Just when you think it can't get any weirder or more disturbing, an Oakland grade school decided to teach kindergartners about multiple genders, under the banner of preventing bullying.

Watch that video. Look at the children's faces. And then look at the activist from a group called "Gender Spectrum" who wants to embed in these children's minds the idea that we all have a right to make up our own gender(s).

Let's ignore Brown's hysterical tone and do exactly what he says.  Look at the video:

At .42 seconds of the video, the announcer says "these fourth graders were told that in nature, things aren't always what they seem."

Did you catch that? In spite of Brown's and the video claims that these are kindergartners, the announcer clearly says that they are fourth graders.

Now some folks may say "what difference does this make?" It should make a big difference. Why did Brown and NOM feel the need to lie about the grade of the children involved in the lesson plan? To add further hysteria to the false meme of "gays recruiting children," no doubt.

And that's not the only lie told by NOM.

At 1:45, the announcer said, "the school maintains most parents, teachers, and students had no problem with what was taught."

This statement calls into question the accusation lodged by Brown and the title of the video that parents did not consent for their children to be taught these lessons.

A written Fox News story further calls into question the accusation by Brown and NOM that this situation took place without parental consent. The article quoted Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint saying that parents were given prior notice and in fact, three families opted their children out of the lesson.

The rest of Brown's letter is filled with pathos and descriptions of morality and truth - in between the phony anecdotes of gays persecuting Christians. He even mentions the Catholic Charities in Illinois controversy while omitting the crucial part about taxpayer money and an incident involving a therapist who was busted using "ex-gay" therapy in Great Britain - making sure to make her sound like the victim of course. For the truth of that story, go here.

He even mentions  NOM's efforts to ban marriage equality Minnesota, making sure to omit the ugliness regarding his organization's partner in that effort, the Minnesota Family Council, and its manual linking homosexuality to pedophilia, bestiality, urine and feces consuming:

In 2012, we hope, pray and expect that the people of Minnesota, after a dignified and civil debate, will join 31 other states in voting to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

I think he can kiss that hope goodbye. Finally Brown ends his letter in part with:

Thank you for all you make possible. At NOM we want no less than to be your voice for your values—and for the truth about the human person: We are born male and female, called to come together in love so that the future can happen.

I know what you are thinking because I was thinking it too.

Why can't that old wives tale about lightning striking audacious liars be true?

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NOM is running a sugary con game on America

From Equality Matters comes something which I noticed but didn't talk about that much. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is only pretending to be an organization solely concerned about "traditional marriage."

While NOM chairwoman Maggie Gallagher talks all sweetness and light about how NOM is about the philosophies of love and proving that "children need a mother and a father," the organization is running an anti-gay chop shop which is geared at denigrating the lgbt community on levels that go beyond opposing marriage equality:

In reality, NOM is a run of the mill anti-gay hate group, intent on spreading fear and misinformation to prevent LGBT equality.

This May, Equality Matters decided to examine just how far away from its only-marriage message NOM has strayed.

The results might (not at all) surprise you.

Roughly 20% of the entries on NOM’s blog in the month of May were unrelated to the organization’s stated goal of “protecting marriage.” Instead, these posts dealt with a number of more traditional anti-gay topics.

According to Equality Matters, these topics include:

Opposing Civil Unions

NOM’s opposition to marriage equality is just part of the organization’s broader opposition to any legal recognition of same-sex couples. Using the argument that civil unions create a “backdoor” into same-sex marriage, the group has aggressively opposed efforts to provide same-sex couples with even fraction of the rights and protections currently afforded to heterosexual couples.

Opposing Pro-LGBT Curriculum

In recent weeks, NOM has become increasingly involved in the fight against anti-bullying efforts that attempt to teach kids to respect and appreciate their LGBT peers. These lessons have nothing to do with marriage, but NOM opposes them anyways. In May, NOM pushed polls opposing Harvey Milk Day, fear-mongered about a “gender diversity” lesson in California, and freaked out about a Queerty post that supported teaching students about “queer sexuality.”

Opposing Same-Sex Parenting

NOM relies heavily on the myth that same-sex parents aren’t fit to raise children in order to promote their agenda against marriage equality. NOM’s chairwoman Maggie Gallagher advanced this assertion under oath during a House hearing on the Defense Of Marriage Act, so it’s not surprise that NOM’s blog is following in lock-step.

Opposing Non-Discrimination Laws

NOM is also in the business of opposing non-discrimination laws that protect LGBT Americans. The group routinely downplays the existence of oppression of the LGBT community and supports clearly discriminatory laws and policies on the grounds of religious liberty. This past month, NOM focused on protecting religious adoption agencies that choose to discriminate against (non-married) same-sex parents. The organization also criticized an ABC show for exposing the impact that NOM’s talking points can have on LGBT families. 

There are a multitude of other topics, but I think these will suffice to prove the basic point that NOM is not concerned with "traditional marriage." It, like so many other anti-gay groups, busies itself with demonizing the lgbt community and reducing our dignity and worth.

At least with the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, the lgbt community knows where it stands - even if it is in quicksand.

NOM should take off the mask of sweetness and light  and bare its fangs because no one is fooled any longer.

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Another NOM ally linking homosexuality with bestiality and other Thursday midday news briefs

Watch: Anti-Gay NY Senator Ruben Diaz Defends Comparing Homosexuality to Bestiality - Didn't he just hold a "dignity" march in New York with the National Organization for Marriage last month? I swear between him in New York and the Minnesota Family Council in that state, I'm guessing that NOM really doesn't want a "civil" discussion on marriage equality, no matter what the organization says.

It gets better, batter: SF Giants release pro-equality clip - This is not only cool but very necessary.

Obama Administration Seeks To Address Homeless Crisis Among Gay Teens - It's about time too.

In South Africa's black townships, being gay can be fatal - Pray for our brothers and sisters in other countries.

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In issue of adoption, Catholic charities must adhere to basic fairness

The Family Research Council is upset over a recent development in Illinois regarding a Catholic charity:

The Roman Catholic diocese in Rockford has announced that it will close its doors on the church's adoption program before subjecting children to placement in homosexual homes. Like it did in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., the Catholic Church refused to violate its convictions. Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before other dioceses follow suit. For the church, this is an act of self-defense. Without a religious exemption, the law makes programs like this one vulnerable to lawsuits or state budget cuts. Much to the frustration of the bill's own sponsor, the state refused to carve out special protections for the religious organizations like this one.

Horror stories like this are common in religious right propaganda - i.e. the gay agenda is causing discrimination against Christians. One of the talking points from the National Organization for Marriage claims that marriage equality will cause Catholic Charities to close, thus depriving children a chance to be placed in a good home.

Of course the real story is a bit more complicated.

When FRC and NOM paints this as an issue of discrimination against Christians, they omit one crucial detail - the Catholic Church is receiving taxpayer funds for its adoption programs. When it canceled the adoption program, the Roman Catholic diocese in Rockford said goodbye to $7.5 million dollars in state contracts. In fact, Catholic Charities in Illinois receive $30 million in taxpayer money for its adoption program.

So this isn't a question of the supposed gay agenda, but rather an entity (the Catholic Church) using taxpayer money but not wanting to follow the laws which come attached to that money.

And in this case, asking for a religious exemption just won't cut it. While I understand wanting to adhere to one's faith, this is an issue in which the welfare of the child must come first. Studies have shown that children do not suffer from a same-sex household. Other than religious teaching, there is no justifiable reason for the church to deny gay couples to adopt children.

So in essence,  Catholic Charities are telling Illinois gay residents, "we think that your households aren't good enough to raise children and yes we will take an obscenely large amount of your money to adhere to this belief." 

That's neither right nor fair. It's not right nor fair to the child - who is denied a chance at a good home simply because of religious doctrine. And it's certainly not right or fair to the gay couples - who are hardworking taxpayers and should be treated with the dignity and respect which comes with that title.

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