Thursday, December 10, 2009

Right-wing site removes post calling Kevin Jennings a pedophile

Post also falsely claimed that there were videos of Jennings teaching children sex acts.

Today comes the news that some on the right have thrown a slur at Kevin Jennings which may have scared even them.

From Media Matters comes the news that the right-wing group Accuracy in Media (pardon me for laughing) has thrown a very ugly slur at Jennings. So ugly in fact that the site backtracked like a dancer doing the moonwalk:

In attacking the media for allegedly insufficient coverage of Obama administration official Kevin Jennings, a blogger for Accuracy in Media, which purports to "set the record straight on important issues that have received slanted coverage" -- and which has a record of antagonism toward gays -- smeared Jennings as a "pedophile" and falsely claimed that "[v]ideos have surfaced of Jennings teaching 14-year-old boys the dangerous sexual practice of 'fisting,' and discussing with them the particulars of oral sex." In fact, Jennings did not conduct that seminar and, in fact, reportedly criticized it when he became aware of its content.

From a December 10 AIM blog post by Allie Duzett, "an intern at the American Journalism Center, a training program run by Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia":

I get nasty facebook message about Kevin Jennings and other Thursday midday news briefs

Hey Alvin McEwen, where's your chipmunks? or is it gerbels? I can't remember which small furry kicking and screaming and scratching little rodent you freaks prefer!! I'm sure Kevin jennings has some pre-adult advice on this topic as well.

I got that message on Facebook. Since my coverage of the Jennings situation this week, it's the third ugly message I've gotten. I don't know what's worse; being called a rat, a pedophile (and I'm being nice because the person couldn't spell the word correctly), or this one.

It's almost comical except for the fact that it reveals the mindset behind some of the people targeted by the anti-Kevin Jennings that has flowed out this week from the right:

While they lie about Kevin Jennings, Michelle Malkin attacks GLSEN's funders

When fisting and oral sex are the same: The latest smear against Kevin Jennings

Right-wing plan against Kevin Jennings: Tell a lie, let it get refuted, wait a while, repeat lie again

Since they can't refute the lies, they stoop to personal attacks.

No one really should be surprised. After all, look at the folks who are leading them by the nose.

Now on to other more vital news subjects:

This Uganda thing is getting scary. Like wake up in night sweats, fearful for your life scary. - It was just a matter of time before some knucklehead religious right member in America voiced open support of the Ugandan anti-gay bill.

GLAAD Responds to Recording Academy Statement on Buju Banton's Grammy Nomination - With the recent mess going on in Uganda and with Kevin Jennings, I failed to give this story adequate coverage. Luckily other folks are nailing it down rather awesomely.

Anti-Gay Rhetoric Rises in Race for Houston Mayor - Why oh why should we be surprised?

Tila Tequila Claims She's Engaged! - Frivilous I know but cut me some slack. It has been a week from hell! WORK IT GIRL!

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Time magazine covers Ugandan anti-gay bill, calls attention to Rick Warren's cowardice

Time magazine has now reported on the Ugandan anti-gay bill and there are so many good things in this article, including the fact that it puts the blame for the bill on the shoulders of members of the United States religious right:

The bill has an American genesis of sorts, inspired to a large extent by the visits of U.S. evangelicals who are involved with a movement that promotes Christianity's role in getting homosexuals to become "ex-gays" through prayer and faith. Ugandan supporters of the bill appear to be particularly impressed by the ideas of Scott Lively, a California conservative preacher who has written a book, The Pink Swastika, about what he calls the links between Nazism and a gay agenda for world domination, which, by itself, would have raised the anti-colonial sensitivities of Ugandan society. Says the Rev. Kapya Kaoma, an Episcopalian priest from Zambia who authored a recent report on anti-gay politics in Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya: "The U.S. culture wars have been exported to Africa."
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