Monday, December 14, 2015

Rubio's tv ad covertly disrespects same-sex relationships and families

Unfortunately, we should expect more of this.

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio attempts to portray those who stand against marriage equality as victims. It's a non sequitir made famous by former NOM head Maggie Gallagher and a cynical attempt to take attention off of the fact that lgbts won the right to marriage equality fair and square.

It is also an attempt to  erase our families and children from the public debate. Coming out of Rubio's deceptive mouth, the phrase "traditional values" seems to be a buzzword to claim that lgbt relationships and families are inferior.

'Will major anti-gay leader James Dobson endorse Ted Cruz?' & other Mon midday news briefs

Will James Dobson endorse Ted Cruz?

James Dobson: Evangelicals 'Coalescing Around' Ted Cruz Over His Objection To Marriage Equality - And Dobson is claiming that he may endorse Cruz. Cruz is getting closer to the nomination or at least a vice presidential call . . . and all on the back of the lgbt community. 

Religious Right Leader James Dobson To Endorse Ted Cruz - More info and little background on Dobson which underscores that if he does endorse Cruz, run to the other direction . . . and quick! 

 Supreme Court Grants Relief To Lesbian In Alabama Adoption Case - The Supreme Court steps in because Alabama is now playing the "culture war" with same-sex families.

 Anti-gay spokesman's distortions exposed by actual experts on NPR - Just in case you missed this morning's post, Family Research Council spokesman and phony expert Peter Sprigg got caught spewing distortions last week during an NPR debate and I got the transcript to prove it. 

 Rubio Outlines Plan To End Marriage Equality - Because apparent THIS issue is more pressing than other issues to Americans in Rubio's small world.  

Indiana’s Limited LGBT Protections Under Fire By Lawsuit - For those who think the fight for equality is over, if the Rubio piece above doesn't bother you, then check this one out. People actually sit around crafting plans to take away lgbt rights, even if they aren't many. And they are paid good money to do it.

Anti-gay spokesman's distortions exposed by actual experts on NPR

Peter Sprigg's lies got destroyed on NPR
NPR, recently received some criticism for giving a platform to Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council to spread distortions about same-sex parenting.

From Media Matters:

NPR hosted a spokesman from a notorious anti-gay hate group during a discussion of same-sex adoption, giving him a national platform to peddle misinformation about same-sex parenting.

On the December 10 edition of NPR's The Diane Rehm Show, guest host Melissa Ross interviewed Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the Family Research Council (FRC) to discuss legal battles over parenting and adoption rights for same-sex couples.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed FRC as an anti-gay hate group since 2010 due to the organization's propagation of known falsehoods about LGBT people. The group has a history of making wild and inflammatory attacks on LGBT equality while masquerading as a serious policy organization in the media. Sprigg, who served as an ordained Baptist minister before joining FRC, has called for recriminalizing gay sex in the U.S. and suggested LGBT people should be "export[ed]" from the country.

But NPR didn't identify Sprigg as a hate group spokesman, and Sprigg used the platform to peddle misinformation about LGBT equality. Sprigg cited a widely discredited paper to suggest that children raised by same-sex couples perform poorly, and resurrected the long debunked horror story that Catholic adoption agencies have been shut down for refusing to serve same-sex couples. While guest host Melissa Ross did not push back on Sprigg's talking points, fellow guest Emily Hetch-McGowan, Director of Public Policy the Family Equality Council, called out FRC's use of discredited research

I am not one for shutting down views or keeping points of view from being debated, but Media Matters does make a good point. The media cannot ignore the fact that the Family Research Council has an ugly history of spinning distortions and lies against the lgbt community.  And the organization should not be treated as a credible source when it comes to issues of same-sex parenting or any other lgbt issue.

But I'm not totally upset at NPR because, while the network gave Sprigg  a platform to spread more distortions, it also provided a platform for actual experts and people in the know (Hetch-McGowan, Michele Zavos - managing partner and founder of Zavos Juncker Law Group, a metropolitan D.C. area firm specializing in family law, and Martin Gill plaintiff in the lawsuit which overturned Florida's ban on adoption by same-sex couples ) to refute Sprigg and expose him as a liar.

The following are portions of the debate (in transcript form) in which Sprigg was called out: