Friday, May 08, 2015

'Virginia school district protects transgender children, anti-lgbt activists go into orbit' & other Friday midday news briefs

Andrea Lafferty
The Right’s History of Homophobia Provides Essential Context for Today’s Religious Liberty Claims - I said this last week, but People for the American Way adds much more crucial context. 

Anti-LGBT Protesters Freak Out As Virginia’s Largest School District Protects Transgender Students - Really, folks. Stop attacking our transgender children. People really need to educate themselves before freaking out. Then again, when you read who got themselves involved in this situation, you understand that often times, there it only takes ONE instigator spreading lies like a virus. In this case, it was anti-gay activist Andrea Lafferty who is no stranger to smearing transgender folks. If a degree was offered in it, she would be teaching the qualifying course.

Fox News Wrongly Claims Churches Could Lose Tax Status Unless They Recognize Same-Sex Marriage - Fox News is spreading ANOTHER lie about marriage equality and churches. Another day in the Roger Ailes Universe of crap.

 Openly gay Boy Scout leader in Ohio had membership revoked - A serious reason why the Boy Scout policy regarding gays is just too wishy-washy.  

Oregon to Join California, New Jersey, & DC in Protecting LGBT Youth from Conversion Therapy - Sweet!  

Jeb Bush Supported Evangelical Anti-Gay Group With Taxpayer Money - Hummmppphhh!  

Tom DeLay: Left Wants To Force Gay Rights And Islamic Extremism 'Down Our Throats' - When I want advice from a disgraced former Congressman who literally shaked his bony ass on "Dancing with the Stars," I will take it from a cute one.