Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ode to the hypocritical religious person consumed with lgbts and sex . .

Editor's note - A very good friend of mine, Jennifer Barber, wrote this short, very on-point poem about how some religious folks are consumed with gays and sex. I personally like it so I want to feature it:


You sayin we need to be straight . . .
But in your spare time, do you masturbate?

That's what I though! Another hypocrite!
Full of his lies and religious bullshit!

Wake up people & see what they are doin . . .
Cuz they callin' you out while they in the back screwin!

'Anti-gay hate group FURIOUS that the press called them an anti-gay hate group' & other Wed midday news briefs

Mat Staver, anti-gay hate group leader
Kim Davis' Attorneys Attack Associated Press For Identifying Them As A "Hate Group" - Awwww! The poor babies! How DARE the Associated Press tell the truth! 

Survivors Open Up About Trauma Of Gay Conversion Therapy - One of these poor souls was even forced to through a "gay exorcism." 

 10 Examples Of Nonbinary Genders Throughout History - Listverse is a trivia site I like to read every morning. This morning featured a list very apropo to the lgbtq community. 

 Let's not wait to combat homophobia, transphobia - Some folks objected to this piece I posted yesterday, which is my call for some type of national conversation on anti-gay propaganda. Only one objection - a concern about safety - was plausible. Folks, we have to stop pretending this junk is going to go away if we ignore it. IT WON'T! When  the anti-gay right reaps success using anything to denigrate us, they use it to death.  

Mormon leader speaks out against Kim Davis, urges balance in religious freedom disputes - I'm as shocked as you.  

New Federal Lawsuit Is Potentially Bigger Than Obergefell For Gay Rights - Hot damn! That headline is NOT clickbait. It tells the truth. 

 World Congress of Families In Denial Over Promoting Homophobia Globally - Another group insisting they aren't homophobic, but with a paper trail which contradicts their mea culpas.