Monday, May 03, 2021

Group shows its true colors with tacky smear against transgender attorney

Chase Strangio

Chase Strangio
is a brilliant transgender attorney who has been working against the recent ugly attacks on trans children in state legislatures. He is a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union and has been the recipient of several awards. Even as I write this, Strangio is  arguing in front of the US Appeals Court against an Idaho law banning trans athletes.

But this is how he is described by an organization called Save Women's Sports

I had to snip a copy of the tweet because the group blocked me for calling attention to it.  This smear of Strangio reminds me of one a few years ago when a religious right spokesman described a lesbian family as "a woman who adopted children with her sex partner." and another when I was called a tar-baby in a chatroom (by a white guy) simply because the very dark hue of my skin.

That's what haters do. They take all of the worth and beauty of people and whittle them down into ugly stereotypes and negative identifiers. And it's so damn unoriginal.  In this case, the only bit of originality lies in how groups like Save Women's Sport deliberately miscategorize their hatred and bigotry into something pure and good. It's no different than other religious right groups putting the words "values" or "morality" or "family" in their names. The irony is that these groups are never about those things.   And the saving grace is, just like with the above tweet, their true faces tend to come out. 

Something that nasty always pokes its ugly head out gasping for air.

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