Friday, May 04, 2012

Woman arrested after caught redhanded removing anti-Amendment One signs

"I didn't feel like I was stealing signs at the time . . . I just looked at it as picking up trash along the side of the road."

These were the words of Heidi Thompson, who was arrested in North Carolina on Wednesday and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and removing three lawfully placed political signs.

This took place after a motorist reported seeing allegedly seeing her and her 13-year-old daughter removing anti-Amendment One signs on Morganton Road in front of the Country Club of North Carolina.

She claimed that she did it in retaliation for because signs for Amendment One was taken from her yard.

"I know it's making me look like a bad parent, but we've taught that it's not right for men to be married to men and women to be married to women, so we stopped and picked them up," Thompson said. "Had I known it would be such a political issue, I wouldn't have done it."

Pinehurst Police Chief Earl Phipps said the delinquency of a minor charge was the result of Thompson's daughter, who was not charged, removing signs at the direction of her mother.

Police have received only one other report in the past month of anti-amendment signs being removed, he said, but investigators had no witnesses.

In Thompson's case, police had the rare witness who caught someone in the act.

There is nothing political about the charges, Phipps said.

"We don't weigh any favoritism one way or another in an investigation. We look at the evidence," he said.

Cue up the music. I guess the National Organization for Marriage will make her into its next supposed victim of the "nefarious gay agenda."

First shooting signs, then urinating on signs, then talking about beating up your gay child. And now stealing signs.

Regardless of how the vote comes out on May 8, those pushing for Amendment One have succeeded in making complete fools out of themselves.

Hat tip to Joe.My.God

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'Homophobic attack on yearbook article probably backfired' and more Friday afternoon news briefs

Students, School Board Members In Tennessee Protest ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ Yearbook Article - Read this school board member's explanation for his nonsense. It's standard religious right talking points. But let's take solace in the fact that his ignorance has allowed the yearbook article to be read by thousands, if not, millions of people.

Exodus Cancels Next ‘Love Won Out’ Conference Due to Lack of Interest - It seems that the "ex-gay" industry is dying a slow death. Good.

Audio: #Amendment1 pastor says same-sex marriage 'not far from' man & beast marriage - As we get closer to the Amendment One vote in North Carolina, some folks continue to go off the deep end.

Mitt Romney: Let States Decide If It’s OK To Fire People For Being Gay - Sorry Mitt but you are full of shit.

Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald Accepts Plea Agreement to Reduced Manslaughter Charge - This is sad. This transgender sister was merely defending herself and she is the perpetrator? Hardly!

Orson Scott Card Slams Gay Marriage, Supports North Carolina's Amendment One In Op-Ed - A piece from a NOM board member so nasty that it may actually win more folks to the marriage equality side.

More support against Amendment One: Chelsea Clinton, George Takei, Jason Mraz - Meanwhile the voices against Amendment One pile up and it's just not celebrities but a multitude of NC groups.

Romney on Grenell resignation: We Don’t Select People Based On ‘Their Sexual Preference’ - That's right. Romney lets Bryan Fischer handle that.

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Chris Matthews issues hypocritical sympathy for gay Republicans

Editor's note - Today's midday news briefs will be late due to a doctor's appointment.

During this recent interview with Media Matters for America founder David Brock and political analyst Ron Regan, I was secretly hoping that Hardball's Chris Matthews would be struck by lightning.

Okay not literally, but figuratively in a way of speaking.

The three were discussing the recent controversy involving Richard Grenell, Mitt Romney's openly gay foreign policy advisor who was forced to quit the Romney campaign after an outcry from religious right figures and organizations such as the American Family Association and Gary Bauer.

Matthews was incredulous that such "bigotry" (a word he used) would dictate this situation and the three in general were in agreement that Romney should have stood up to the religious right in defense of Grenell.

During the interview, Matthews also expressed sympathy for those who are gay Republicans on Capitol Hill and have to deal with these organizations.

But it seems to me that Matthews' sympathy was phony. He has been embroiled in a recent controversy with the group Faithful America in regards to his consistent invitations to Family Research Council head Tony Perkins to speak as an "expert" on Hardball.