Monday, August 16, 2021

Marriage equality victory can be dangerous if the LGBTQ community forgets what we had to defeat for it

There was an article in Monday's Politico which claimed that the GOP is giving up on the fight against marriage equality, disappointing their religious right allies. I don't buy the premise for a minute, but we would all be blind to not notice that there has been somewhat of a cultural shift. Marriage equality is a reality whereas years before, many of us never saw it as a genuine possibility.

It's a good shift, but also one which contains the danger of future generations being jaded about the overall struggle for LGBTQ rights in general. Marriage equality is a wonderful victory, but overall, it is merely a pitstop. We still have not attained full equality as a community and we are saddled with the same enemies who made the above video. Just because they failed in one attempt to undermine our rights doesn't mean they won't stop trying. As you look at the above video and either reminisce about the lies we had to fight against or gape at what you're probably seeing for the first time, remember that  our struggle for equality isn't over yet. Not by a long shot. 

'Court rules Hobby Lobby discriminated against trans woman employee for nearly a decade' & other Mon midday news briefs

Court rules Hobby Lobby has discriminated against trans woman employee for nearly a decade - Score one for the good guys and girls.

Most LGBTQ adults in America have gotten or will get vaccinated against COVID-19 - Ninety-two percent in a recent survey have gotten or will get vaccinated. Okay folks, get hopping. 

Oregon School District Votes To Ban Clothing, Flags Supporting Pride And Black Lives Matter - This after conservatives funded with outside monies won seats on the school board. They always target school boards because no one seems to catch on. 

Remember Your First Queer Crush? - Lance Kerwin, Jackie Earle Haley, Ike Eisenmann, Stephen Geoffreys . . . 

James Hormel, first openly gay U.S. ambassador, dies at 88 - I remember how THAT situation regarding his appointment was a fireblast.