Thursday, November 03, 2016

'Anti-gay activist wants to 'lock Hillary up' so she won't help lgbt youth' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Hillary Clinton’s plan to fight for LGBT youth - Pay attention, folks. This is important. 

 Linda Harvey: ‘Lock Hillary Up’ To Prevent Her From Pushing ‘Sexual Weirdness’ To Kids - And of course Linda Harvey is spooked by the above.

 Franklin Graham: ‘We’re Going To Lose This Country’ If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win - Good grief, what a drama queen. I thought this was supposed to happen when Obama won in 2012. 

A brief history of LGBT involvement in presidential campaigns - History they don't tell you in schools. 

 Democrats Would Quickly Push LGBT-Rights Bill In Congress If They Win Big - I repeat something from days ago - There is NOTHING wrong with lgbts voting in accordance to how said person in office would treat us and advance our equality. We're no movement's martyrs.

HB2 forum mostly a peaceful conversation with one exception

Last night, the Charlotte Observer held a forum about that awful HB2 law. It went well and was pretty much a good conversation. That is once folks got rid of the "clutter":

Most of the back and forth was polite. After Burton spoke of bathroom safety, City Attorney Bob Hagemann, rose from the audience to point out that a nearby identical ordinance approved in Columbia, S.C., had not led to open bathrooms nor an increase in predatory incidents.

David Chadwick, senior pastor at Forest Hill Church and a spiritual counselor to Gov. Pat McCrory, told the hundreds of audience members on hand that no one deserves to be bullied or singled out. But he said supporters of HB2 are too easily stereotyped by some as intolerant and discriminatory.

But when Erica Lachowitz, a transgender woman from Charlotte, talked about her personal experiences, conservative Christian minister Flip Benham rose from his seat and changed the tone in the theater. Earlier in the evening he let out an audible “Ridiculous” as former Observer writer Elizabeth Leland recounted episodes of violence or harassment LGBT individuals she had discovered around the state.

Now Benham, waving a Bible in one hand, interrupted Lachowitz with a shout of “Abomination!” before pivoting his attention toward Chadwick.

“David, is sodomy a sin? Answer the question,” Benham roared repeatedly as two police officers rushed toward him.

“Get him out of here,” another man shouted as Benham was led through the nearest door.

Chadwick responded by saying his was a God of love, not hate, and that the love might offer the promise of compromise. Earlier in the evening, he had also said this; “You can’t legislate the human heart to change.”