Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Joe Rogan admits not being able to verify story of litter box in classroom for child supposedly 'identifying' as furry

Joe Rogan

When I was young, we got our news from more credible sources than we do now. There were at least very high standards. So much so that if you were caught telling a lie, you were history and your career was ruined. Not today, however. These days, any fool who looks good in a suit or a tight dress is deemed a credible journalist. Any idiot with a podcast is anointed as the "voice of regular Americans." And mistakes are just small blitches on the road to attaining power, clout, and money.

Case in point, Joe Rogan. He used to be a no-talent actor and a semi-successful comic. Now, thanks to his podcast and the pathetic delusions of many, he is seen a a credible voice. It would be funny except for when he makes a mistake, repercussions are nil:

From a Wednesday article in Mediaite:

Joe Rogan says the story he told to Tulsi Gabbard about public schools allowing students to use kitty litter boxes in the bathroom, had no proof behind it. Early last month, Rogan made headlines when he interviewed former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and discussed a bizarre incident he claimed happened to his friend’s wife who is a public school teacher. 

 In October,  according to LGBTQNation, Rogan said

“My friend, his wife is a school teacher, and she works at a school that had to install a litter box in the girls’ room because there’s a girl who’s a furry, who identifies as an animal and her mother badgered the school until they agreed to put a litter box in one of the stalls,” 

Rogan claimed without telling where this allegedly occurred. “So this girl goes into the litter room or to the girl’s room and urinates or whatever — I don’t know if she poops in it, that’s pretty gross.” “That’s the worst thing in the world about owning cats, you gotta clean that box of piss every day,” 
Rogan continued. “Imagine how f**king crazy that is. You’re a human and you prefer a litter box? You want to piss into a pile of sand rather than use a bathroom, flush a toilet, wipe yourself, like a normal person. Like, you’re so crazy with what you think an animal is that not only have you said this, but you’ve conned the school into putting this f**king litter box in a girl’s room. That’s just bananas.”

On Wednesday during a talk with author Michael Shermer​:

“The kitty litter boxes is a weird one,” Rogan said.

“It’s like an urban legend,” Shermer proclaimed. 

 “I fed into that and let me — I should probably clarify that a bit. I have a friend and my friend’s wife is a school teacher and she told him that there was discussions in the school that a mother wanted to put a litter box in one of the bathrooms,” Rogan began. 

 “And he told me this and I talked about it on here and then people were saying, ‘That’s not true, it’s an internet rumor.’ So I contacted him again and I said, ‘Tell me exactly what she said and contact her and find out.’ She no longer works for that school. She works for another school. She contacted the other school. She didn’t get a response,” Rogan added. 

 Let me break it down. According to Rogan, "his sister's friend's mama's baby daddy's cousin" told him this story and naturally he repeated it on his show before even bother to verify it.

Shermer is right. The story about litter boxes in classrooms for children who "identify" as furries is a lie. It's a story used to denigrate efforts to keep LGBTQ kids safe in schools. Rogan isn't the only one who repeated the story. According to MSNBC, 20 Republican elected officials and candidate have repeated the story in an attempt to scare parents about supposedly what schools are teaching their kids.

But back to Rogan.  He is an idiot so we should blame whoever hired him. 

It's obvious that whoever put  him in this position doesn't care about standards or accuracy. As long as blowhards like Rogan talk, as long as nothing-happening nobodies get an inflated sense of self-esteem by listening to him and as long Rogan's bosses are able to count the money, nothing else matters.

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