Thursday, June 12, 2014

'Archbishop attending NOM rally, wants constitutional amendment' & other Thursday afternoon news briefs

Lawmakers ask S.F. archbishop not to attend anti-gay marriage rally - Not only is Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone attending and probably speaking at NOM's rally but he also wants a constitutional amendment outlawing marriage equality. Pay attention folks because this is where NOM is headed. There is probably no other option for the organization. Don't take it lightly until we beat them back. 

Rick Perry's Comparison Of Homosexuality To Alcoholism Is Nothing New From The Anti-Gay Right - In case you didn't hear, Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism. These folks know nothing about originality.

 Rotten In Denmark?: AFA’s Fischer Distorts Danish Same-Sex Marriage Law To Scare U.S. Fundamentalists - Bryan Fischer would like about his ethnicity even if he couldn't get away with it. 

Watch: Anderson Cooper Holds Texas GOP Lawmaker Accountable For Supporting ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy - Whip his ass, Anderson! 

 Wisconsin AG Threatens to Prosecute County Clerks Over Same Sex Marriage Licenses - It's an empty threat.

Anti-gay right has disturbing fetish for labeling lgbts as Nazis

 An ugly comparison of gays and Nazis from the right.
Editor's note - today's news briefs may either be canceled or come later due to personal business. I encourage folks, after reading this post, to check out the post Did anti-gay spokesman Mat Staver lie to Congressional committee?

Yesterday, I posted how the Anti-Defamation League condemned the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins for implying that gays want to start a "Holocaust" against Christians.

The ADL's president, Abraham Foxman, demanded that Perkins apologize for trivializing the Holocaust. However, as Right Wing Watch tacitly pointed out, if Perkins were to recognize his error and apologize, he wouldn't be the only one who had to.

I've noticed that lately, there has been a lot of anti-gay groups and spokespeople who have compared lgbts to Nazis and conjured up visions of how they will harm Christians if given the chance. Thanks to Right Wing Watch, here are just a few:

Alan Keyes Warns Gay Marriage Leads To A 'Totalitarian' Nazi-Like Government 
Right-Wing Pundits Call Gay Rights Advocates 'Rainbowshirts,' 'Terrorists' And 'The New Nazis' 

Rick Wiles Warns Adolf Hitler's 'Race Of Super Gay Male Soldiers' Is Taking Over America

 ". . . it’s getting harder every day to tell our modern homo-fascists from the Nazis of the 1930s and 40s. “Gay”-stapo or Gestapo, could somebody please tell me the difference?" - Jeff Allen, editor of the right-wing BarbWire

 "In Hollywood’s recent theatrical release of The Monuments Men, the storyline follows an Army unit that was guided by a group of seven museum directors, curators, and art historians as they engaged in a gripping search to recover priceless pieces of art before they were destroyed by the Nazis. Likewise, the hostile homosexual goose-steppers are seeking to destroy marriage, the masterpiece of God’s handiwork. As dedicated Christians, we too must metaphorically endeavor to recover and restore this infinitely valuable work of art before it’s been marred beyond recognition by the “gay”-stapo."" - Jeff Allen of BarbWire (again)