Thursday, May 12, 2016

Samantha Bee 'has words with' HB2, Gov. McCrory, and mid-term election non-voters

Sock it to them, Samantha Bee! On her show, she not only rips NC Gov. Pat McCrory apart for that disastrous HB2, she also has something to say to those who don't think of mid-term elections as important as presidential elections.

In deed, not vote has consequences for us all:

'Lgbt community outlasts another enemy of equality' & other Thur midday news briefs

Anti-lgbt legislator Sally Kern retire

Watch: Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Says Gays Are 'Worse Than Terrorism' – Again

LGBT group uses Sally Kern's exit from the Legislature to raise funds

Due to term limits, Oklahoma legislator and enemy of lgbt equality Sally Kern recently retired. She left kicking and screaming against the progress of the lgbt equality, something she was unable to stop no matter how many ugly things she said about us or nasty bills she pushed against us. Gone the way of Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell, and so many others who have failed to keep us locked in the closet. I don't care how she raged. The important thing is we have outlasted yet another enemy.   

One GOP Senator Is Blocking the Historic Appointment of Gay Army Secretary Nominee Eric Fanning - Unfortunately, we have others willing to take her place. And the fight for lgbt dignity and equality continues.  

The Truth About Homophobia In The Black Community - Wonderful post. I'm including it in my news briefs and putting it up alone. This is what happens when you let folks you accuse of homophobia talk rather than rely on generalizations by think tanks or those black folks bought and paid for by said think tanks. The narrative of supposed high levels of homophobia in the black community is not as simple as folks think. It's a bit more complicated.  

Target CEO Says Company Won't Back Down on Trans Bathroom Policy - Good for Target. Don't you back down an inch to the liars, hysteria, and paranoia.  

Fight over trans restrooms erupts in North Georgia - This would be sad except for the fact that there may not be a policy because there may not be a trans child attending any school in the district. It simply becomes pathetic to see these parents flip out. And then infuriating to think of how the AFA is probably enjoying the chaos they have created.

  The Legal War Over North Carolina’s Bathrooms Takes A Bizarre New Twist - They are trying so hard to fight the Justice Department. Just ridiculous.