Saturday, April 21, 2012

Religious right hatred and insanity on display at The Awakening

Even as we enjoy the leisure of a Saturday, religious right talking heads are gathering for something they call The Awakening.

Personally, the event sounds like some God-awful horror movie I once saw starring Charleton Heston. We would all be so fortunate if it actually was that. But it's worse.

Apparently The Awakening is when various religious right spokespeople and heads gather together to simultaneously pat themselves on the back for their deluded belief that God favors them most of all and also to whine about the "secularlists" and "gays."

 While I can't give you a report of this dreary affair, People for the American Way's Right-Wing Watch has a twitter feed which details the highlights lowlights of this monstrosity complete with the usual cast of characters spewing their hatred:

Rena Lindevaldsen says "Satan is hard at work" pushing gay rights

Matt Barber says gay rights supporters say "the most vicious and vile things"

Matt Barber says pro-choice and pro-gay rights advocates will "be remembered akin to those who supported slavery"

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