Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Religious author says evangelical silence about Trump's racism proves they made 'a deal with the devil'

Franklin Graham (top), Robert Jeffress (middle), and Tony Perkins (bottom) have been called out for enabling and then being silent about Trump's recent racist comments against four members of Congress.

The House of Representatives just voted 240-187 to condemn Trump's racist attacks on four of its members. Only four Republicans joined the Democrats in that vote.

Meanwhile, conservative evangelicals have been mostly silent throughout the entire thing. Franklin Graham, who seems to be never at a loss for words when tweeting attacks on the LGBTQ community, has been especially evasive.

And don't think that it hasn't been noticed. John Fea, religious author and professor of American history at Messiah College, posted about this on Tuesday:

Trump is simply calling upon an old tradition in American history. Sadly, we have been telling people to “go back to your country” since the birth of the republic. None of this is new. Trump appeals to the darkest parts of our past. This is what demagogues do. Today he refused to rescind his comments because apparently a lot of people like them. 
But America has always had its better angels. We have always had men and women who have tried to consistently apply our country’s ideals to matters of race, immigration, and injustice. Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr. Jack Graham, Tony Perkins, Paula White, Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, David Barton, Jim Bakker, Lance Wallnau, Steven Strang and the rest of the court evangelicals do not fall into this category. 
Sadly, the court evangelicals have chosen to side with darkness over light. They are sycophants, incapable of speaking truth to power because they have made a deal with the devil (who apparently has come in the guise of a new King Cyrus). They have enabled Donald Trump. The silence speaks volumes.

The entire piece is short but on point and deserves your full attention.


Monday, July 15, 2019

Conservative evangelical groups defend Trump's racism, Pence's border facility dodges

White conservative evangelicals continue to debase themselves for Trump.

Eager to defend their golden goose, i.e. the Trump Administration for giving it access and power, several conservative evangelical - religious right groups - are running interference for the administration's excesses with as much vigor as they dehumanize the LGBTQ community.

Last weekend, Pence visited the border facilities in an effort to blunt criticism about their overcrowding, lack of sanitation and overall dehumanizing treatment of immigrants. It didn't work out for him:
Vice President Mike Pence visited an overcrowded, unsanitary migrant detention center on Friday as part of a tour meant to highlight the Trump administration’s handling of an influx of immigrants and asylum seekers crossing the US-Mexico border. At a McAllen, Texas, facility housing nearly 400 Central American men, reporters noted an overwhelming foul odor and extreme heat. Men packed in cages worked to get the reporters’ attention, telling members of the press they did not have access to showers or toothbrushes; some of the detained said they’d been at the center for more than 40 days, and others claimed to be underfed and hungry.

Pence was blasted in the media for the seemingly callous way he acted during the visit, how he dodged questions about his visit, and his attempt to blame the media for allegedly distorting the visit.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

William Dannemeyer was a vile bigot whose legacy of hate must never be forgotten

William Dannemeyer
An absolutely vulgar enemy of the LGBTQ community has passed away:

Seven-term Congressman William Dannemeyer, one of the leading homophobes of the 1980s and ’90s, has died at age 86. The California Republican, who once read a description of sexual acts into the Congressional Record, said he’d like to wipe out all HIV-positive people, and spread false claims about how HIV was spread, died Tuesday after suffering from dementia, The Orange County Register reports. In addition to his antigay activism, he promoted conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton and claimed that Jews were seeking to eliminate Christians. 
. . . “In the mid-1980s, Dannemeyer endorsed a plan to quarantine people with HIV or AIDS,” the Register’s obituary notes. “He also spoke against allowing nurses with HIV to work with children, saying (incorrectly) that people with the virus emitted a ‘spore’ that caused birth defects.” 
In 1989 he placed a detailed description of sex acts in the Congressional Record; he characterized them as gay sex acts, even though heterosexuals were known to engage in some of them as well. The same year, he sent a letter to President George H.W. Bush expressing concern about the influence of gay people in the administration. Dannemeyer was a fan and ally of President Ronald Reagan, less so of fellow Republican Bush. He also published a book that year, Shadow in the Land: Homosexuality in America, about what he considered the threat posed by gay people. 
In 1990 he voted against a bill authorizing the federal government to collect data on crimes motivated by a victim’s race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. He was one of only 18 House members to oppose it; he said he did so because it put sexual orientation on a par with those other characteristics.

Dannemeyer was before my time, but he is a reason why this blog exists. I could say a lot about him, but I would prefer to leave an item which accentuates his legacy of hatred:

This 1986 comic was created by a man named Dick Hafer and it is a representation of some of the most evil anti-gay lies out there.  Check out the images it contained:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Trump's 'Social Media Summit' ends with a screaming match on the White House lawn

Why should we be surprised that Trump's  "Social Media Summit," in which he invited some of the most vile purveyors of online filth would end up like this - a screaming match on the White House lawn led by former Trump aide, poseur extraordinaire, and alleged white nationalist enthusiast Seb Gorka.

Those invited by Trump included anti-LGBTQ think tank the Heritage Foundation,  Ali Alexander - the fool who is helping to spread the rumor that Kamala Harris isn't "American black," and Joy Villa - a no-talent never-was whose claim to fame is wearing stank-looking or  pro-Trump dresses on the Grammy Awards red carpet, and various others racists and conspiracy theorists (Pizzagate, Q-Anon, Seth Rich.) Please note at the end how Villa attempts to model one of her tacky outfits while hot dogging to the press.

I miss Obama and his tan suit soooo much:

Let's take another look at Villa attempting to stretch her 15 minutes of fame. Minutes after egging on Gorka, she is attempting to be concillatory to the press. Of all of the folks begging to be interviewed at this event, she came across as very needy:

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Members of State Dept's Commission on Unalienable Rights have disturbing history of opposing LGBTQ rights

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
What do Peter Berkowitz, Mary Ann Glendon, Jacqueline Rivers, and Christopher Tollefsen all have in common? They are all noted anti-LGBTQ activists and they all are presently members of the State Department's new Commission on Unalienable Rights.

According to Politico:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday unveiled a new Commission on Unalienable Rights, a panel he said is aimed at providing him with “an informed review of the role of human rights in American foreign policy.” 
 The panel will be headed up by Mary Ann Glendon, a Harvard law professor and former ambassador to the Vatican under George W. Bush. Glendon is also a social conservative who has been a prominent anti-abortion voice, which could lend credence to the concerns among human rights activists that the commission is a ploy to undercut LGBTQ and women’s rights under the guise of religious liberty. In remarks at the State Department on Monday, Pompeo noted that “words like ‘rights’ can be used by good or evil,” decrying how some have “hijacked” human rights rhetoric to be used for “dubious or malignant purposes.”
 . . . While Pompeo was vague in laying out what exactly the panel will do, emphasizing its focus on “principles” over “policy,” he praised its members as those he hoped would facilitate "one of the most profound reexaminations of the unalienable rights in the world since the 1948 universal declaration."

GLAAD just came out with a report which uncovers the history of several members of this committee. The report found that they all have been very active in opposing LGBTQ equality and rights.

“This ‘Commission’ is a farce and further illustrates the bold-faced anti-LGBTQ agenda of this administration,”said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD. ”The Trump Administration is knowingly appointing activists who have made careers out of fighting against LGBTQ progress and is now providing them an opportunity to export their anti-LGBTQ activism around the world through the U.S. State Department.” 
GLAAD’s new report dug into the records of the ten members appointed to serve on the State Department’s Commission and found troubling, anti-LGBTQ history in seven of its members. The Commission includes members like Mary Ann Glendon, a longtime anti-LGBTQ activist who claimed marriage equality was a “radical social experiment,” and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Hanson, who claimed marriage equality was “one of the signs of the End Times.” The launch of the “Commission on Unalienable Rights” now marks the 117th attack against the LGBTQ community by the Trump Administration since the start of 2017.

Here are just a few of the 10 which GLAAD listed::

Mary Ann Glendon (Chair) — Has written extensively on her view that marriage equality is a “radical social experiment” that harms children. She alsorecently wrote a blurb for a viciously anti-trans book, calling the book—which culminates in a plan of action that calls for the complete erasure of trans people —“eminently readable and insightful.”

Peter Berkowitz — Criticized the Supreme Court’s 2003 ruling overturning sodomy laws as “dangerous,” writing that “Justice Kennedy's majority opinion seemed to follow the logic of his moral and political judgments rather than the logic of the law.” 
Jacqueline Rivers — Delivered a speech at the Vatican, insisting that LGBTQ activists were “abolishing in law the principle of marriage as a conjugal union and reducing it to nothing other than sexual or romantic partnerships or domestic companionship.” She went on insist that LGBTQ activists have “unjustly appropriated” civil rights language.   
Christopher Tollefsen — Wrote an anti-trans essay that culminated in the opinion that “...attempts to change one’s biological sex all fail. That is an undefeatable reason against trying to do so.” In a follow up, he further argued that “...it is a mark of a heartless culture that it encourages such confusion even to the point of encouraging bodily mutilation as a solution to gender dysphoria and prohibiting therapy that might be psychologically and spiritually beneficial.”

See GLAAD's complete report here.

'Franklin Graham upset that Dem presidential candidates attended Pride events' & other Wed midday news briefs

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham: Dem Presidential Candidates at PRIDE Shows America’s “Deepening Depravity” - Franklin Graham - silent about migrant children being abused at border camps. Can't control himself when it comes to condemning Democratic candidates having fun at Pride events.

Christian zealots are targeting Toy Story 4 because it will ‘desensitize children’ to gay people - Seriously? 

Republican Compared Anti-LGBTQ Proposal To Saving Jews From Holocaust - And I am DONE. 

These 2 men were at the Stonewall uprising but didn’t know it until they married - Fascinating.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Family Research Council relies on fake expert to justify fraudulent 'ex-gay therapy'

FRC's Peter Sprigg is a fake expert.
One of the most annoying things about anti-LGBTQ groups is how they bestow official-sounding titles on their spokespeople and then trot them out as experts in front of the media. Often times, these folks  anointed as experts don't know what they are talking about except for the talking points they are paid to spew.

Peter Sprigg, the Family Research Council's Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, is a perfect example of what I am talking about. FRC's bio of Sprigg says the following:

 Mr. Sprigg joined FRC in 2001, and his research and writing have addressed issues of marriage and family, human sexuality, the arts and entertainment, and religion in public life. Mr. Sprigg has been quoted as a spokesman for FRC in many major newspapers, and he has been interviewed or participated in debates on all of the national television networks. He is the author of the book Outrage: How Gay Activists and Liberal Judges Are Trashing Democracy to Redefine Marriage (Regnery, 2004), and he was co-editor of another FRC book on homosexuality. Mr. Sprigg also edited FRC's agenda-setting booklet, 25 Pro-Family Policy Goals for the Nation.

The bio also says:

Mr. Sprigg is an ordained Baptist minister. Before coming to FRC, he served as pastor of Clifton Park Center Baptist Church in Clifton Park, N.Y. Mr. Sprigg previously served for ten years as a professional actor and unit leader in Covenant Players, an international Christian drama ministry. Prior to his career in ministry, Mr. Sprigg worked in the government and non-profit sectors, including service as economic development assistant to the late Congressman Robert F. Drinan (D-Mass.). Mr. Sprigg received the Master of Divinity degree cum laude from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Mass.). He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from Drew University (N.J.), with a double major in political science and economics.

I'm willing to wager that when it comes to the LGBTQ community and human sexuality, I could give you more credible information while talking in my sleep than Sprigg could while awake.

Yet, FRC trots him out as an expert to talk about such things as the recent decision by Amazon to stop selling books defending the fraudulent practice of "ex-gay therapy."

Peter Sprigg, who joined "Washington Watch" on Monday to talk about the controversy, said he couldn't believe a company as massive as Amazon would take a single activist's word for it. 
 "It's interesting that the LGBT movement wields such power as that they are able to persuade a huge corporation -- in fact, one single activist is able to persuade a huge corporation -- to remove a whole set of books. I'm pretty certain that nobody at Amazon has cracked the cover of any of these books to see what's inside. I doubt that Roho Allen himself has ever looked at any of these books to see what's inside. And you might be surprised if he did because, the content is not the kind of extreme material that LGBT activists always associate with what they call 'conversion therapy.'"

. . . As Peter explains, "The fact is, there have been a number of publications [and] peer-reviewed scientific studies that have shown that this therapy can be effective. So anytime you hear an LGBT activist say there's no research showing it works, that's a lie. There is research showing it works, and you can find it on the FRC website..."

The "research" Sprigg is talking about is some ridiculous paper he wrote claiming that studies show  "ex-gay therapy" works. I chose not to post the link for two reasons.

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Monday, July 08, 2019

Family Research Council angry that CA bill would protect LGBTQ children from being bullied

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins is sounding the alarm about a new bill because it benefits LGBTQ students:

Apparently, it's not enough that schools are indoctrinating students -- they want to brainwash teachers too! In California's public schools, where the districts have their hands full just raising test scores, it looks like the faculties will have to take time out from actual educating to master a new subject: LGBT sensitivity. 
Under a new bill just approved by the state assembly, every junior high and high school teacher would be ordered to undergo training on how to support kids who identify as LGBTQ. That includes everything from referring students to activist organizations to launching school-wide efforts aimed at encouraging confusion like transgenderism. The legislation, AB 243(Editor's note - FRC got the name of the bill wrong. It is actually bill AB 493) passed unanimously -- 61-0, with virtually every Republican refusing to vote. 
Our friends at California Family Council are horrified that anyone would force teachers to promote an agenda that the American College of Pediatricians calls "child abuse." "This mandated training," CFC's Greg Burt warns, "will put Christian public school teachers in the position of promoting and approving beliefs that clash with their biblical values. This conflict is already happening. According to information the California Family Council recently received from concerned Christian elementary school teachers, LGBTQ teacher training is already being used to shame teachers into promoting gender and sexual orientation beliefs they disagree with."

Is AB 493 as bad as Perkins is making it out to be? Of course not. When you eliminate FRC's penchant for alarmist phraseology (indoctrinating students? brainwashing teachers?) and citations from a fake medical organization which passes along junk science as legitimate medical information  (the American College of Pediatricians), one can easily see that AB 493 is simply an attempt to keep our LGBTQ kids safe while they attend school.

According to a February article in The Sacramento Bee:

Anti-LGBTQ bullying is an epidemic in California schools: 64 percent of such middle and high school students surveyed by the California Department of Education last year reported being bullied. Nearly half had seriously considered suicide. 
Now, California lawmakers have re-introduced a bill aimed at giving teachers and school districts tools and funding to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students.  
Assembly Bill 493 is co-sponsored by Assemblyman Todd Gloria, vice chair of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. The bill would require every county office of education, school district and charter school to provide annual in-service training to all teachers grades seven to 12. 
The training would focus on “strategies to increase support for LGBTQ pupils and thereby improve overall school climate,” according to the bill language.

It is ironic that FRC labels AR 493 as harmful to children seeing that the organization has in the past harmed transgender children by smearing them as predators:

And don't even get me started about the nonsense that AR 493 would interfere with the so-called beliefs of Christian school teachers. Any school teacher who doesn't put the safety of their students first doesn't belong in any classroom, regardless of whatever religion they hold dear.

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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Amazon says 'Bye, Felicia' to books pushing fraudulent 'ex-gay therapy'

Amazon will no longer be selling the fraudulent books of anti-LGBTQ physician Joseph Nicolosi.

The LGBTQ community got a huge victory over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Amazon has removed English-language books by a man largely considered “the father of conversion therapy” from its site following mounting pressure from LGBTQ activists. 
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, founder of the now-shuttered Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic, as well as the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), authored several how-to guides directed to parents of LGBTQ youth, including “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality.” His books are some of the most well-known works about conversion therapy, the pseudoscientific practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 
“I would say many survivors of conversion therapy could trace their trauma to Nicolosi,” Sam Brinton, head of advocacy and government affairs at The Trevor Project and a survivor of conversion therapy, told NBC News. “His work lent credibility under the guise of ‘science’ to conversion therapy, even though the practice has been disputed and discredited as dangerous and harmful by medical experts.”
Nicolosi died in 2017 from complications of the flu, but the misconception that conversion therapy is a legitimate practice lives on. 
According to The Trevor Project’s 2019 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, 2 in 3 LGBTQ youths reported that someone tried to convince them to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, and youths who have undergone conversion therapy are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide as those who did not.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Pro-LGBTQ resolution in CA has religious right whining about 'persecution' (again)

Michael Brown  tells lies about a CA resolution.
In what's becoming a repeatedly played but yet tired song, the anti-LGBTQ industry is declaring that Christianity is under attack by the LGBTQ community. This time it has to with a nonbinding resolution that lawmakers in California are working to pass.

From Right Wing Watch:

About two weeks ago, Right Wing Watch noted that Religious Right groups and Christian media outlets were lying about a nonbinding resolution that was nearing a vote in the California General Assembly. They’re still at it.  
The resolution, known as ACR-99, calls upon educators and religious leaders to approach LGBTQ issues with love, compassion and knowledge of the potential for harm caused by conversion therapy, and calls upon Californians “to embrace the individual and social benefits of family and community acceptance.” It also calls upon the people and institutions of California “to model equitable treatment of all people of the state.”
The resolution was introduced by state legislator Evan Low, who last year withdrew legislation that would have declared conversion therapy fraudulent after meeting with Christian leaders who portrayed that bill as a threat to religious liberty; some falsely claimed that it would have banned the Bible. 
People of good will can have and express honest disagreement about whether it’s a good idea for legislators to encourage, even in a non-binding way, religious leaders to take any particular approach to pastoral counseling. But that’s not the same as fanning fears of religious persecution by claiming that the resolution amounts to “tyranny” and forces pastors to preach a certain way. In reality, the non-binding resolution does not force anyone to do—or not do—anything. 
After the resolution passed the assembly last week, the Christian Broadcasting Network blared out a story declaring, “The Church is Under Attack,” once again misrepresenting the impact of the non-binding resolution with a headline that reads: “CA Lawmakers Pass Measure Forcing Pastors to Embrace LGBT Ideology.” 
Pastor and anti-LGBTQ activist Michael Brown has urged California pastors to stand up to “government tyranny” by opposing the “draconian” resolution, which he wrote “would dictate what pastors preach from the pulpit.”

Brown continues to lie about the resolution by claiming that it would ban pastors from calling homosexuality sinful and would also force them to "affirm same-sex relationships and gender identity." Not to be outdone by Brown, the American Family Association's fake news site, One News Now conducted a poll implying that the resolution would outlaw "Bible-based conversion therapy."

The following are the results:

Again, the resolution is nonbinding and won't be enforced as law should it passes. But why should Brown or the anti-LGBTQ industry let facts interrupt their latest performance as Joan of Arc being burned at the stake?

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Monday, July 01, 2019

Top artist Lil Nas X comes out. Twitter reactions are funny, strange, and sad

Lil Nas X

I admit that I am old and am not up on who is popular in today's music. So when I heard about rapper Lil Nas X possibly coming out, I was like "who?" Granted I know he has the number one song in the country ( "Old Town Road," his collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus) and I knew about the controversy with him being a black country singer, which in itself is rare.

But his coming out can be seen as monumental. There have been rumors of various musicians being gay before they came out (i.e. George Michael, Ricky Martin) while others were openly gay when they reached their fame (Frank Ocean.) But this has to be the first some an artist has come out as an LGBTQ while at the top of the charts.

So here are the best and (and worst) Twitter reactions to Lil Nas X coming out.

The first one is the one I like to call "Welcome to the party, Lil Nas X"

And now here are the rest. I'm not passing judgment. Some may find a few funny. Some may not. But it does say a lot about our stereotypes  about each other and the concepts we hold dear:

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Trump Administration delays anti-LGBTQ conscience rule because of various lawsuits

A bit of good news is being obscured while everyone is barking about the first Democratic primary debate or noting Trump's latest general insanity.

From The Hill:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is delaying the implementation of its “conscience protection” rule until November to give the administration more time to deal with a lawsuit over the policy. 
HHS announced in a court filing Saturday that the rule, which was originally scheduled to take effect July 22, would not be implemented until Nov. 22 at the earliest.
A coalition of Democratic-led states filed a lawsuit against the administration in May saying the policy, which would allow health care providers to refuse to provide services on the basis of their religious beliefs, is unconstitutional. 
 . . . Another coalition, which includes Lambda Legal, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Center for Reproductive Rights, filed a suit with Santa Clara County, arguing that the rule will result in “mass confusion among health care providers and is completely infeasible to implement” and could lead to health care facilities scrapping their reproductive and LGBTQ services altogether.

The Advocate had this to say:

Many fear the new rule will not only engender confusion but encourage conservative doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals to deny contraception services, transition-related care for transgender people, and even drugs like PrEP, an HIV prevention regimen. The situation could be incredibly dire for women and LGBTQ people in rural areas, where there are much fewer service providers than in urban areas.

“In the Obama administration, we were focused on expanding access to health care through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the full and balanced enforcement of anti-discrimination and provider conscience laws,” Jocelyn Samuels, Executive Director of UCLA's Williams Institute, a think tank on LGBTQ issues, said in a statement in May.

“By contrast, this administration is simultaneously trying to restrict universal access to care through attacks on the ACA and expand the authorization for denials of care by religious providers. These actions stand to undermine the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities, including LGBT people.”

Friday, June 28, 2019

Former 'ex-gay' leaders call for national ban on dangerous conversion therapy

This is awesome. Good for them. Granted, it is probably going to take a while, but something like this is worth fighting for.

Hat tip to TruthWinsOut.org

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Drag Queen Story Hour is harmless. See for yourself.

I've noticed that a lot of people who rage about Drag Queen Story Hour have probably never attended the event. That's why I am featuring these two videos. Granted, I know that a lot of those who have raised a ruckus over the event aren't interested in seeing these videos. But I think putting them out there would do some good because they clear up a lot of misconceptions.

The opponents of Drag Queen Story Hour rely on  inferences and ugly stereotypes about  gays supposedly "sexualizing" or "recruiting" children. That's a lie. Nothing is done secretly or sneakily.  It has nothing to do with harming children in any way, shape, or form. Drag Queen Story Hour is comedy, a farce, no different than a clown show or children being read to by adults dressed up like superheroes. No one has ever accused someone reading to children while dressed as Superman of tricking them into thinking they could fly.

''Straight pride' parade moves a step closer to becoming a reality' & other Thur midday news briefs

NOT the official Straight Pride flag, but would it surprise you if it were?

Boston Approves Application For ‘Straight Pride Parade’ - I have no problem with straight people. I just wish they stop "promoting that lifestyle" in public with their hand-holding, walking as couples with their children, going to movies and such together. Keep it in the bedroom. Yeah, I am a sarcastic bitch.

LGBTQ+ History Should be Mandatory in Schools - Inclusion with other facets of history, yes.

Trump observes marriage equality anniversary by speaking to anti-LGBT crowd - Because he is a jerk. 

Out soccer star Megan Rapinoe says she’s ‘not going to the f–king White House’ after World Cup - This sister don't play. I like her.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Homophobes have organized tantrum denouncing legalization of marriage equality

 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera and his merry band of bigots held a rally in front of the United States Supreme Court to protest the fourth anniversary of the Obergefell decision, which legalized marriage equality. They've done it before and it is always sparsely attended, except for hecklers, curious onlookers, and the intrepid monitors from groups like People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch.

As a matter of fact, Pete Montgomery, Senior Fellow from People for the American Way, are responsible for the tweets and pictures (except for the one I include. When you see it, you will know):

The attendees of today's sour grapes rally via Peter Montgomery, none of which are deserving of identification, but I think you can recognize one or two.

Let me give 'Porno' Pete a compliment. He seems to have lost weight since the last time he attended one of these "rallies."  He used to give new definition to the phrase "baby got back!"

(Editor's note - I am only playing, folks. I am not "fat-shaming." I think his tushy is rather adorable.) 

But I digress. As you can see, Wednesday's rally was filled with the same "gays are immoral, evil hedonists want to recruit children, silence Christians, rebel against God and destroy American society while engaging in all sorts of disgustingly wild, and passionate sex" rhetoric we have come to expect from LaBarbera and his type:

'Fox News has a problem with the LGBTQ community' & other Wed midday news briefs

Shannon Bream
Fox guest says that drag queens and LGBTQ people are grooming youth “into their unhealthy lifestyle” that includes “HIV and AIDS"

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream serially misgenders trans folks 

We got a problem with Fox News. It claims to have debates about LGBTQ equality, yet its personalities control the debates in such a way that anti-LGBTQ industry voices are elevated while our voices are omitted. And I have a feeling that this is deliberate.

Paul Watkins worked for a hate group – and now he’s in charge of Consumer Protection - Meanwhile, we got other problems. 

Trump administration gives away public land so they won’t have to fly a rainbow flag for LGBTQ pride - Simply petty. 

Private Catholic School That Fired Gay Teacher Received Over $1 Million In Public Money - Stealing our tax dollars.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Family Research Council wants the government to be hypocritical with your tax dollars because of Jesus

The gay wedding in the PBS animated series 'Arthur' continues to give the anti-LGBTQ industry fits.

The Family Research Council is now saying that PBS should have its tax dollars taken away because it featured a gay wedding in the animated series 'Arthur.'

Even if you ignored FRC's chutzpah to think that it speaks for all conservatives and Christians (some conservatives and Christians actually support marriage equality), you still have to give the group style points.  FRC has been a vocal supporter of  religiously based foster care and adoptions agencies receiving tax dollars while discriminating against the LGBTQ community.  It's an almost enviable skill to speak out of both sides of your mouth while implying that you are doing it in the name of God.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

It's 2019 and some people still believe that gay men eat poop

Openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg continues to be targeted by a nutty Baptist preacher from Indiana.

Baptist preacher and former Indiana legislator Don Boys continues to obsess over presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and gay sex. Last month, Boys invoked all sorts of ugly refuted lies about gay sex habits in his attack on Buttigieg.

Friday, he outdid himself in complaining that there certain questions journalists won't ask Buttigieg:

Since a “gay” Indiana mayor is running for president, journalists should ask him some questions that bear on that office; however, their cowardice and fear of being politically incorrect will keep them from asking these very legitimate questions of Pete Buttigieg.
Pete needs to say if it is possible to believe that homosexuality is a diseased, dangerous, even deadly lifestyle without being a hater? If it is true, as experts have concluded, that homosexuality is dangerous, then is it not true that Pete’s critics are showing love not hate? 
 . . . Since homosexuals are seven times more likely to use illegal drugs, will Pete repudiate their illegal drug use to heighten sexual pleasure, and will he demand prosecution for those who use illegal drugs? 
Since many homosexuals have a urine and feces fetish bringing them into contact with numerous lethal bugs, will Pete repudiate that unhealthy practice to save lives? And possibly save the health care system from bankruptcy? 
Advocates for perversion refuse to accept the current stats that refute their narrative but they can hardly say homosexuality is normal. It is abnormal to get pleasure from contact with body waste and in spades when that involves another person. Homosexuals use human organs in an abnormal way so no one should be surprised when the results are tragic. They insist on trying to get out of life what God never intended to be there, thus contracting many more diseases. Usually, the taxpayers are expected to pay their medical bills.

Yes, it's 2019 and people still believe that gay men do all sorts of nasty things such as eat poop. This stuff have been refuted constantly, but people like Boys continue to spew it. And quite recently, another idiot promoted this mess on Fox News.

As a black man in America, I have to deal with people who, no matter how many times it's been shown to be false, think I am lazy, unintelligent, or downright criminal. And as a gay man, I have to deal with folks like Boys who think that I am a diseased predator who probably tortures small animals when I'm not plotting to recruit children or planning some extremely gross sexual encounter.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if both the LGBTQ and African-American communities can come together in some sort of confab to discuss their unfortunately mutual role as scapegoats? Of course if this happened I can just picture Don Boys telling African-Americans to not eat the food and infamous racist David Duke telling the LGBTQ community to count their silverware.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Franklin Graham chooses to attack trans children instead of speaking up for migrant children

Franklin Graham 
During this weekend in which we are hearing all sorts of awful stories about the bad treatment of migrant children in border facilities and the illnesses they are suffering because of it, one would think some who have designated themselves as the nation's religious leaders would speak out.

Not so with prominent right-wing pastor Franklin Graham. He is too busy forwarding the probably soon-to-be newest religious right attack against the transgender community, ie. the false belief that transgender girl athletes have an unfair advantage over other girls in sports:

I am aware that it is easy for folks to get distracted and go off on a tangent about transgender athletes. And I am sure we are going to be hearing more about it. I would suggest that people educate themselves on this matter before allowing themselves to get sidetracked. There is information out there.

And basically, the issue itself regarding transgender athletes isn't the point. This is the point:

1. Four toddlers were so severely ill and neglected at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in McAllen, Texas, that lawyers forced the government to hospitalize them last week. The children, all under age 3 with teenage mothers or guardians, were feverish, coughing, vomiting and had diarrhea, immigration attorneys told HuffPost on Friday. Some of the toddlers and infants were refusing to eat or drink. One 2-year-old’s eyes were rolled back in her head, and she was “completely unresponsive” and limp, according to Toby Gialluca, a Florida-based attorney.
2. A 2-year-old boy locked in detention wants to be held all the time. A few girls, ages 10 to 15, say they’ve been doing their best to feed and soothe the clingy toddler who was handed to them by a guard days ago. Lawyers warn that kids are taking care of kids, and there’s inadequate food, water and sanitation for the 250 infants, children and teens at the Border Patrol station.

Graham's voice was and still is needed here. Throughout history from Martin Luther King, Jr to Oscar Romero to Bishop Desmond Tutu, prominent religious leaders have used their platforms and risked their very lives to give voice to those abused by the system. But Graham hasn't.  Not at this time in which his voice would be so vital. And I don't understand why.

Why did he chose to bully other children instead of speaking out for migrant children. Speaking out for these children wouldn't have cost him anything, except maybe  to lose favor from Donald Trump.  And here I thought Graham sought the approval of a higher power than Donald Trump. Obviously not.

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Family Research Council picks the wrong day to gloat about Trump's trans military ban

On the day that Donald Trump has been accused of rape

The moment the dressing-room door is closed, he lunges at me, pushes me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly, and puts his mouth against my lips. I am so shocked I shove him back and start laughing again. He seizes both my arms and pushes me up against the wall a second time, and, as I become aware of how large he is, he holds me against the wall with his shoulder and jams his hand under my coat dress and pulls down my tights. I am astonished by what I’m about to write: I keep laughing. The next moment, still wearing correct business attire, shirt, tie, suit jacket, overcoat, he opens the overcoat, unzips his pants, and, forcing his fingers around my private area, thrusts his penis halfway — or completely, I’m not certain — inside me.

 we nearly got into a war with Iran because of his incompetence

Questions are being asked about outside influence on Donald Trump after the US president called off air strikes against Iran at the last minute. Having initially said he believed Iran made an error when it shot down a US drone on Thursday in the Strait of Hormuz, the president nonetheless reportedly approved military strikes against the Islamic Republic later that day. The operation to hit targets such as radars and missile batteries was in its initial stages, the New York Times reported, and planes were in the air and ships had been moved into position. But before any missiles were fired the operation was cancelled.

and articles are released relating that immigrant children are becoming ill in border camps with  no decent food, water or sanitation:

1. Four toddlers were so severely ill and neglected at a U.S. Border Patrol facility in McAllen, Texas, that lawyers forced the government to hospitalize them last week. The children, all under age 3 with teenage mothers or guardians, were feverish, coughing, vomiting and had diarrhea, immigration attorneys told HuffPost on Friday. Some of the toddlers and infants were refusing to eat or drink. One 2-year-old’s eyes were rolled back in her head, and she was “completely unresponsive” and limp, according to Toby Gialluca, a Florida-based attorney.
2. A 2-year-old boy locked in detention wants to be held all the time. A few girls, ages 10 to 15, say they’ve been doing their best to feed and soothe the clingy toddler who was handed to them by a guard days ago. Lawyers warn that kids are taking care of kids, and there’s inadequate food, water and sanitation for the 250 infants, children and teens at the Border Patrol station.

the so-called Christian group the Family Research Council has decided to gloat about Trump keeping transgender men and women out of the military:

Ah yes. Priorities.

'College makes library take down Lady Gaga pro-LGBTQ sign' & other Fri midday news briefs

A pro-LGBTQ quote from Lady Gaga on a sign has a college running scared.

A college found this Lady Gaga quote so dangerous the library had to take it down - Too late! The kiddies are already ours MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

California Joins States Raising Pride Flags At Their Capitols, Defying Trump - I love it!! 

Lawmakers form group to fight anti-LGBTI discrimination around the world - Lawmakers from two dozen countries, that is. It is sorely needed. 

LGBTQ Media Matters staff speak about representation in the media - I've admired members of this group for a long time. It's nice to see them in real form. Good video! 

Thousands of teens spared conversion therapy due to state bans, report finds - Something to cheer about.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Texas adoption agency wants LGBTQ tax dollars, just not LGBTQ potential parents

Religious-based adoption agencies want LGBTQ tax dollars and the right to discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

This is going to come to a head soon and I think it may be in our favor. At least I hope.

From Raw Story:

A Texas adoption agency that receives federal taxpayer funds is refusing to allow a lesbian couple to become foster parents, and they’re citing their religious beliefs to support their discriminatory decision. 
Bryn Esplin and Fatma Marouf, who are married and are both professors at Texas A&M University, were told by the agency because they’re a same-sex couple they don’t “mirror the holy family,” and thus would not allow them to foster some of the thousands of migrant and refugee children the federal government is detaining.

The women pressed, saying that surely some of the 700 children under the agency’s care were LGBT and would benefit from being placed with a married lesbian couple, as The Daily Beast reports. 
Catholic Charities told them not a single child, out of 700, were LGBT. Statistically, that’s impossible.
 . . .they decided to sue the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which runs the agency, Catholic Charities of Fort Worth. The couple just won an important initial victory. The court says they have standing. They are suing charging violations of their First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights, as Metro Weekly reports. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ group claims rugby player sacked for condemning gays to hell is the victim

Isreal Folau
On Wednesday, the hate group Family Research Council claimed that the "religious liberty" of athletes should is under attack:

In today's hyper-politicized climate, it seems that nothing can escape the relentless black hole of "woke" political correctness, not even sports. In a Speaker Series event at FRC, Dr. Jennifer Bryson gave example after example of how the LGBT agenda has strong-armed its way into sports, particularly soccer, where rainbow flags are featured on the jerseys of the U.S. men's and women's national teams, on team captain armbands, on shoelaces, and even on the ground where players are required to walk.  
 Are the athletes who make sports possible allowed to object to their jobs and religious beliefs being co-opted by a political cause? Nope. Just ask Jaelene Hinkle, who faced immense harassment after declining to wear an LGBT-themed jersey for the U.S. national team. Or Josip Brekalo, who was required to wear a rainbow-themed arm band as a team captain, but declined to. Or Isreal Folau, who was sacked by both the Australian national rugby team and his professional team for expressing his religious beliefs on Instagram.

Let's focus on one of their examples - the case of Isreal Folau. Below is the Instagram post he sent which got him into trouble.

As FRC related, he was dismissed for not only this but other past incidents of him making homophobic remarks.  He is now not only suing Rugby Australia but continuing to make homophobic remarks, such as claiming that Satan is behind transgender children.

These reasons are why his case is a bit more problematic to defend. Folau is talking about people. This isn't a case where someone is encroaching on his beliefs to believe. It is rather someone taking him to task for attacking groups of people. The first two examples FRC listed involve possible encroaching on someone's personal space (we don't know the entire story regarding those examples and FRC does have a history of playing loose with the truth for the sake of its narratives) in order to send a message their religion does not condone.

But in the case of Folau, this is someone sending out a message targeting a group of people. No one was forcing him to make a statement or take a position contrary to his beliefs.  But yet FRC - while careful not to detail what he said - claims that he is a victim of anti-religious discrimination. Would FRC feel that way if he had posted something which said Jewish people, Muslims, or people of other ethnicities are going to hell.

Doubtful. In fact, I doubt anyone would be attempting to defend his comments as expressions of  "religious freedom."

Folau's case underscores questions we are not asking about the concept of "religious liberty" as pushed by the conservative right and anti-LGBTQ industry. Other than supposedly protecting religious businesses, should it be used to protect people from the consequences of abusive speech? And if so, should it pertain to solely homophobic speech or would racist or even anti-Semitic speech be included ? And if not, then why?

I don't think FRC or anyone else on their side of the issue are willing to answer the question.