Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Conservative evangelical leaders who support Trump - where y'all at?

Conservative evangelicals leaders and groups were quick to praise Trump when he was giving them a huge amount of access to the White House, participation in many meetings, and ways to shape public policy at the expense of the LGBTQ community and women's health.

They practically anointed him as the Second Coming and made many excuses for his public incompetence and un-Christian behavior by saying that he was a "baby Christian," not supposed to be "President Perfect," or that in the spirit of forgiveness, they were giving him a "mulligan."

Days after his epic and historically disastrous kowtowing to Putin in Helsinki, these same religious folks aren't being exactly all that vocal about supporting Trump. In fact, it would seem to be that they are taking advantage of the understandably loud backlash in order to hide themselves. That way, they are not forced into a choice in which both outcomes are equally calamitous:

1.Take a stand against Trump, thus potentially losing White House access.

2.Don't take a stand against him and reveal themselves to be frauds exploiting religious beliefs for political power.

No matter how long it takes, questions will come to folks like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress about how they bent over backwards for Trump, even to the point of jeopardizing their so-called Christian integrity. Groups such as the Family Research Council will have to answer for the noxious co-dependency of their alliance with Trump.

And no one in that bunch should even attempt to minimize their relationship with Trump. That's the the danger of loud, effusive pandering of a questionable ally. Someone will always save the "receipts."

'No, girlfriend. The 'B' in LGBTQ does not stand for bestiality' & other Tue midday news briefs

Star Parker, another fraud used by conservatives.
Star Parker: The ‘B’ In LGBTQ Stands For Bestiality - This is why I generally DESPISE right-wing conservative black public figures. They have NO real power and tend to say the dumbest shit. In this case, this is Star Parker. She has NO function other than to collect wingnut welfare by being one of the go-to black people in the conservative horde when a quote is needed attacking Obama, affirmative action, the black community in general, LGBTQ community, etc etc. Apparently fear of the newest models, Candace Owens or Diamond and Silk, replacing her seems to have caused her to say wilder things.

Joking That Trump And Putin Are Gay Is Homophobia - Okay, I will concede that it is. . . sigh!!! Meanness can be seen as a suitable weapon . . . just kidding . . . I know. 

Mormon couple opens home, hearts to LGBTQ people - Wonderful story and a great reminder that we haven't all gone straight to hell no matter who is in charge. 

Cher Will Bless The World With An ABBA Cover Album - Frivolous as all-get-out but come on folks. When we are resting in between fighting for equality and kicking a certain Orange menace to psychological kingdom come, we do need proper rest music. 

Episcopalians will allow same-sex weddings in all churches without exception - True religious liberty is awesome.