Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Seattle middle school students tell Moms for Liberty to back off

SPLC-designated hate group Moms for Liberty is having a bad November. Their candidates were rejected by voters earlier this month. Now middle school students are calling them out for their bullying tactics.

Students in the Seattle Public Schools have clapped back at Moms for Liberty, sending the far-right group handmade cards bearing pro-LGBTQ+ messages. Moms for Liberty, which campaigns against LGBTQ+ content in schools, supposedly in the name of parental rights, shared several images of the cards Saturday on its X (formerly Twitter) feed. One reads, “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.” Another says, “Gay is slay, stop being a rat.” Another says, “My heart when people are homophobic,” with an image of a broken heart in rainbow colors. Most of the cards use the colors of the rainbow. 

 Moms for Liberty did not approve, to say the least. In the tweet showing the cards, the group wrote, “Seattle Public Schools are spending class time indoctrinating and weaponizing your children. The building of the Red Guard in America.” A Seattle Public Schools spokesperson said that creating and sending the cards was “an independent activity and not part of the school curriculum.” The cards were sent last spring.

Point of fact, Moms for Liberty - these kids are not being 'indoctrinated' as you like to put it. Some of them are LGBTQ, some come from homes with LGBTQ parents and siblings, while others probably have LGBTQ friends. Whatever the case may be, they all recognize that you are the outsiders or the wannabe indoctrinators. They recognize that no one in your group gives a damn about them and that you see them as only a prop or an excuse to undermine the rights, health, and safety of the LGBTQ community in general. To them, you are the enemy and deservedly so. Like in so many instances, the children plainly recognize what adults fail see. They cannot be fooled by phonies.

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