Thursday, June 30, 2022

Video: Queer Movie Moments That Changed Our Lives

We've had a month full of celebration coupled with alarm and fear. But let's never forget who we are or where we came from. And also let's take time out to enjoy the little things which mean a lot, such as the above video which looks at Queer Movie Moments That Changed Our Lives. It's by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. How many of these movies have you seen? Is there any you think should have been included.

'Anti-LGBTQ GOP candidate continues to dig hole in feud with drag queen who was once her friend' & other Thur midday news briefs

Kari Lake

This drag queen had the best response to an anti-LGBTQ Republican threatening a lawsuit - I am enjoying the Kari Lake vs. drag queen feud. Kari continues to dig that hole. 

LGBTQ lawmakers win primaries in 3 states​ - Not bad at all. More of us should run for office. 

Exclusive: Vice President Harris Hosts Historic LGBTQ+ Pride Reception - Even though I won't probably EVER be invited to one of these things, it's good to see us at a point in which we are acknowledged as who we are on that level. 

For anti-abortion LGBTQ groups, Roe's reversal is a 'human rights victory' - And they don't believe that SCOTUS will go after LGBTQ rights next. Okay, I am saving this article for posterity. Simply for posterity.