Monday, April 18, 2022

Gay conservative Dave Rubin aligns himself those who think that gays are 'grooming' kids

Dave Rubin is not the type of man gay boys should aspire to be.

Last month, noted gay conservative Dave Rubin got attacked by folks on his side of the political spectrum. The reason was that he and his husband announced that they were going to become parents. After making the announcement, Rubin was inundated with criticisms from several other conservative figures and sites with comments ranging from calling him an 'unrepentant sodomite' to claiming that he is 'negating women.'

Such comments like the one below:

One would think that Rubin would have learned something about what conservatives put LGBTQ people through when they smear and dehumanize us.

He didn't. 

Less than a month after him, his husband, and expected children were made the subject of homophobic smears, Rubin has embraced the smearers and joined them in echoing the same lies about Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill and claims that LGBTQ people and teachers in general are trying to teach little kids about sex.

 Like so:

During that appearance, Rubin said:

What's very sad about this Disney situation is they stepped into the woke swamp, and they cannot get themselves out. This bill, which is not don't say gay, there's no phrase in the bill even with the word gay, you could have just as easily called it don't say straight. This is a bill about transparency and that you don't want state employees talking to six-year-olds about sex, which we all know that's the right thing… This is an imaginary controversy, but Bob Chapek, who is the CEO of Disney, he has a woke corporation. 

He has woke activists working for him, and Bill, I'm guessing you and Dana saw it. There was a video where he has all of his activist employees, and he's pledging he'll be a better ally, and he wishes he could be better, and he'll do more for them. And congratulations, Bob Chapek, you run one of the biggest corporations in the world, one of the most culturally relevant corporations, at least. So you've been culturally relevant. We'll see, and now you are a hostage, you are a CEO hostage to your activist employees. This is not going to end well for Disney, and I think we just need to build new things.

And then there is his appearance on Mark Levin's show, when Levin asked him this: 

 Dave, I want to ask you a question about this culture virus. I want to go right to the classroom and the parents movement. I want to go right to Disney and so forth. I feel like this has all just suddenly happened the last two or three years, where it has become a civil right to sexualize 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, and 7-year-olds, and I say to myself, shouldn't everybody be rising up against this? Whether you're straight or gay or whatever you are, isn't the point to leave little babies alone?

Feel free to see what Rubin's answer was by following this link. But to summarize, Rubin repeats the nonsense he said in the other Fox interview - the bill has nothing to do with LGBTQ people, it's about transparency, and doesn't target LGBTQ people at all.

Rubin's attempt to distort about the bill shouldn't fool anyone.  According to NBC news:

 . . .legal experts say that whether the bill prohibits the word “gay” itself is a “distraction.” “In the same way that critical race theory isn’t being taught in schools, that hasn’t stopped people like the governor of Florida from deploying the term ‘critical race theory’ in efforts to engage in certain kinds of political maneuverings,” said Charlton Copeland, a professor at the University of Miami School of Law who writes about sexual orientation and gender identity. “The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ moniker is a moniker about a certain political framing of this situation.”

Beyond branding, a core argument over the bill centers around whether it would prohibit the “instruction” or “discussion” of sexual orientation. The bill’s sponsors have emphatically stated that the bill would not prohibit students from talking about their LGBTQ families or bar classroom discussions about LGBTQ history, including events like the 2016 deadly attack on the Pulse nightclub, a gay club in Orlando. Instead, they argue that the bill would bar the “instruction” of sexual orientation or gender identity. But the text says both. 

In its preamble, the bill’s authors write that their aim is to prohibit “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity.” But later, the actual bill states that “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur.” “I could see why people are confused by that,” said Clay Calvert, a professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law who specializes in freedom of speech.

And teachers are not having private sexual conversations with kindergartners and six-year-olds.  That is simply not happening. 

But enough of the bill. Let's talk about Rubin. He reminds me a disgusting oily salesman oozing with two dollar knock-off  cologne you can get from the Dollar Tree,  smelly hair cream, and illusions of grandeur. He sees himself as an alpha male and a free thinker, but he comes across as a wannabe willing to sell his own mother out for a little clout and a lot of money. 

Apparently Rubin didn't learn anything from being targeted by other conservatives. Or maybe he did learn something.  Still Rubin remains a  pathetic sell-out trying to disguise what is obviously  his self-hatred with empty snark masquerading as intelligence. There isn't enough negative things I can say about a man who will stab other LGBTQ people in the back with the same weapons of deceit and hatred used against him.

This isn't a matter of integrity or difference of opinion. It's about a sad fool who seems to think that he is above the rest of us LGBTQ people. He mistakes his usefulness to the opposition as some sort of attribute instead of the sad pandering that it is. Rubin is fooling himself  when it comes what he's saying.  His words aren't emanating from a golden tongue. That's just all of the grime, dirt, and grit which comes from his licking of conservative boots.

What's worse is that Rubin attempts to delude the rest of us into thinking that he is making an independent stand. Honey, you aren't standing. You're bending over with your lips puckered.  I can even smell your lip gloss.

What makes Rubin think that he's any different in the eyes of homophobic conservatives except for the fact that he is making himself useful? What makes Rubin think that he, his husband, and expectant kids are protected from the undermining that homophobic conservatives want to inflict on LGBTQ people.

Does Rubin think that his money or prominence is going to save him should things do come to a dire point? Does he think his rights are safe? What about the rights of  his husband and expectant kids?

I'd call him a fool, but that would be too generous.

Even a fool has better sense not to cut off his own nose to smite his face.

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