Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fox News exploiting anti-transgender controversy it helped to create

Recently, Fox News has been showing an out of the ordinary - at least for the network - degree of professional journalism in attacking the credibility of these awful anti-lgbt "bathroom bills." However, as this Media Matters video shows, don't be fooled. Fox News spent a lot of time peddling the horror stories which state legislators used to justify these bills:

'President Obama defends transgender children' & other Tue. midday news briefs

President Obama
Obama on trans student guidance: ‘We’re talking about kids’ - During an interview yesterday with Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner, President Obama does another thing which makes him a wonderful president. He talked about the need to support transgender children. 

 Trump Says Government Must 'Protect All People' – And He Will Rescind Obama Transgender Protections - And to some people out there, this double talk makes perfect sense. Sad. 
Media shortchanging transgender community in 'bathroom bills' debate Repeating my post from last night. It's easier to victimize people when you control the means of communication.
 Kentucky woman beaten for looking ‘too masculine’ as people stood by and watched - Pending more details . . .  

How Did You Build Your Family As An LGBT Couple? - Yes, I know not all of us want families, but a lot us of do. Wonderful post.  

5 Things Not to Say if Your Child Comes Out - Dear parents, write these down and remember them.  

Mississippi to follow U.S. guideline on transgender students - I am just as shocked as you.