Sunday, August 15, 2021

Video: Richard Hunt - The Gay Man Behind the Muppets

Last week, I posted about a ridiculous claim by conservatives that the LGBTQ community was using the Muppets to "entice" children to become transgender. Right now, I want to focus on the fact that there is an actual historical link between the LGBTQ community and not only the Muppets but also Sesame Street

From the above video, courtesy of  LGBTQ historian  Matt Baume:

For over sixty years The Muppets have been entertaining kids and adults alike. You probably know their creator, Jim Henson, who brought everyone together, and you might be familiar with Frank Oz, Jim’s close collaborator. But there’s another Muppet performer you might NOT know — part of the core group who was there from almost the very beginning, and in the 1970s became one of the most famous gay men in the world… who nobody recognized.