Friday, August 19, 2016

James and Shirley Dobson sell out their 'values' to endorse Trump

Need any more proof that a. Donald Trump isn't a friend to the lgbt community like he claims to be and b. all of the talk from religious right groups and figures about "traditional values " is just a bunch of bunk? Watch the following video in which religious and anti-lgbt figures former Focus on the Family head James Dobson and his wife, Shirley endorse Trump for president. Apparently to them,  a racist, xenophobic, egotistical man who lies at the drop of a hate (such as when he claimed Obama founded ISIS)  is exactly the man America needs as president to "preserve" morality:

'Fake medical group targeting transgender kids' & other Fri midday news briefs

Fake medical group targeting transgender kids.

Fake Medical Organization Publishes Lie-Ridden Manifesto Attacking Transgender Kids - A group funneling homophobic lies (such as gay men rub themselves with feces) as legitimate medical facts is attacking transgender children. Anti-lgbt lies and distortions are like lumps in oatmeal. You find yourself constantly having to constantly beat them down. 

Pastors rarely asked to wed same-sex couples - Another anti-lgbt lie (pastors will be forced to perform same-sex weddings) meets truth. Not that it will stop anti-lgbt activists from repeating the lie, but there nothing wrong with creating a paper trail of truth to refute the lie. 

 Battle lines of church and state: Fired over same-sex marriage, educator sues Paramus Catholic - I feel this way - if a religious school is getting tax payer money in any way, shape, or form then any kind of discrimination is wrong. 

We Must Help LGBT Athletes From Repressive Countries, Says Olympian Who Proposed To His Boyfriend - Got lots of hills to climb . . .  

After Media Spends Months Pretending Trump Is LGBT Friendly, He Hires Head Of Bigoted Website To Run His Campaign - Simply reiterating what needs to be reiterated.

Linda Harvey quietly continues to smear positive lgbt education in schools

It's relatively easy for us to get distracted by the madness of this election. But let's not forget that there are some who are still declaring war on our community and our kids. Such as Linda Harvey:

Linda Harvey
"Be wary. While much of America is over here protesting the invasion of bathrooms, homosexual behavior is quietly being inserted into the school curricula while few are looking, as if it did no harm, as if it truly were an inborn identity like race. Especially watch for outrageously pornographic sex ed programs to be launched, the details of which you as a parent are unlikely to receive unless you push past all the roadblocks the school will erect. The latest trend is to enact “inclusive” sex ed under the banner of being “comprehensive.” But that means they will just be ramping up the normalization of teen sex and abortion and now, homosexual behavior as well."
Ignorance and hate never sleeps. And neither should we. Figuratively speaking, of course.