Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Randy Rainbow has a couple of things to sing about Trump and his 'base'

I personally think that Trump's base, i.e. many of his supporters, are entitled fools who can't deal with the fact that the country is becoming more diverse and no one thinks that they are special anymore. For too long, they have been coddled by being referred to as "the American heartland" or "real America." They don't want to let go, so they whine about lazy people, political correctness, and some bull about erased heritage or tradition.

I could go on, but the incredibly talented Randy Rainbow is better at describing them through song. I could only offer up profanity and words so "non-progressive," they would make Truman Capote blush.

Take it, Randy:

'45 times Trump has attacked the LGBTQ community in his first year' & other Tue midday news briefs


45 times Trump attacked the LGBT community in his first year in the White House - Just 45 times? Yes, we know that Trump isn't the LGBTQ community's best friend. But it's a point we need to hammer home, so ONE MORE TIME FOR THE FOLKS IN THE BACK!!!

These ‘No Promo Homo’ Laws Are Hurting LGBTQ Students Across America - There are laws in seven states which prevent teacher from even talking about homosexuality in any type of "positive" light. This is harming our LGBTQ kids. 

Conservative evangelicals want to give Trump a 'mulligan,' but they gave Obama hell - And following that "one more time for the folks in the back" philosophy, a repost of my piece from last night. Repetition of truth is a very good tactic for the LGBTQ community to learn.

Gay Couple in Hiding Amid Police Threats After Russia Accidentally Registered Their Marriage - This is downright scary. 

Lesbian firefighter's legal win further divides courts on anti-gay discrimination - Keep fighting, y'all.