Tuesday, August 09, 2016

'Trump to address anti-lgbt conference in Orlando' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Donald Trump To Address Extremist Anti-LGBT Summit In Orlando - It looks like Trump will addressing the same anti-lgbt event which has gotten Marco Rubio into trouble. Tell me again how he is better for the lgbt community, Caitlyn Jenner and Milo Yiannopulos. I bet you he won't be rebuking the lies told by attendees of this conference. 

Related post - This is a perfect time to remind folks about the Trump's "Evangelical Advisory Board" or as I call them, "The Legion of Homophobia" (please copy the graphic below and send it out to as many folks as you can, particularly those lgbts who are still thinking that Trump will be their best friend) 

 After Same-Sex Marriage Victory, Jim Obergefell Looks Ahead To Remaining LGBT Battles - Obergefell reminds us that attaining marriage equality is simply ONE victory in the battle for complete lgbt equality. 

 Landlord Allegedly Says She Shouldn’t Rent To ‘Faggots’ Before Evicting Tenants - This right here is a hot mess made worse by the fact that the landlord is a city council member. 

 Ugandan government defends Pride pageant raid - Just a nasty mess. How folks from America infected other countries with their homophobia and it still lingers.