Thursday, January 31, 2019

'Drag Queen Story Hour' opponents are hypocrites . . . featuring Bugs Bunny

There is a twofold purpose of this post - 1. To provide a bit of comedy  2. To poke fun at the hypocrisy of all the folks who have a problem with the Drag Queen Story Hour taking place across the country. You have a problem with a perfectly innocent event enjoyed by children and their parents simply because it is about drag queens reading to children? You have no problem when Bugs Bunny dresses in drag to entertain your children. Why do you have a problem with folks dressing in drag to entertain AND educate your children?

'Franklin Graham embarrasses himself in defending Donald Trump's lies' & other Thur midday news briefs

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham Comes Up With A Brazen New Way To Excuse 8,000+ Trump Lies - One of the very few good things (and I don't even want to give the Orange bozo credit for that) with Trump being in the White House is how his presence is exposing the blind hypocrisy of the anti-LGBTQ right and their leaders like Franklin Graham. 

 And it's a wonderful to bring up this piece from 2011 in which Franklin embraced birtherism - i.e. the idea that Obama is not an American citizen. - Rev. Franklin Graham a birther?

Armed Man Disrupts Houston Library During Drag Queen Storytime - What the homophobic whine about Drag Queen Storytime can lead to. It is an innocent event popular with children AND their parents. And that is it.

This is what a local government thinks transgender people look like? - Oh good Lord . . . 

Report Finds Slowdown in Schools' LGBTQ+ Inclusion - It's all about deliberate erasure.

Jussie Smollett attack highlights amplified risks facing black LGBT community - So dang true.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Parents of trans youth remind us what is important in this 'culture war'

HRC's Parents for Transgender Equality National Council

When it comes to transgender issues, the anti-LGBTQ industry and activists generally bogart the conversation  so much that it's difficult to hear from transgender men, women, children and their families. That's why this recent event held by the Human Rights Campaign's Parents for Transgender Equality National Council is so important and needs to be elevated in the spotlight:

Today, HRC's Parents for Transgender Equality National Council, a group of the nation’s leading parent-advocates in the fight for transgender equality, met with members of Congress to discuss their families’ moving journeys and the urgent need for Congress to pass the Equality Act. The Equality Act is a comprehensive LGBTQ civil rights bill which is a priority for the U.S. House’s new pro-equality leadership and is expected to be re-introduced soon. 
U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy, III (D-MA), chair of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force, hosted the convening of parents of transgender and gender expansive young people. Representative Kennedy was joined by U.S. Representatives Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Mike Quigley (D-IL), Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), Mark Takano (D-CA), Jennifer Wexton (D-VA), Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA), Chris Pappas (D-NH) and Gil Cisneros (D-CA). 
“For transgender young people, passing the Equality Act would be life-affirming and, in some cases, lifesaving,” said Jay Brown, Acting Senior Vice President, HRC Programs, Research & Training. “These parents’ children need and deserve clear protections from discrimination throughout daily life, from welcoming schools to inclusive health care. The unique stories and voices of these parents have already changed countless minds, and they will be critical in continuing to push equality forward alongside allies like Representative Kennedy and the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force.” 
“For two years, transgender children have fought daily battles against intolerance in their schools and their communities, while the adults tasked with protecting them at the highest levels of this Administration offer words of bigotry and hatred instead,” said U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy, III, chair of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force. “Listening to these parents today demonstrated once again that there is no force greater than a parent’s love and no force darker than a government that fails to see the humanity in her youngest citizens. We fight with those children and their parents because they should never doubt that they are heard and they are seen, and they should always know that they will never be erased.”

The entire story is here and deserves a read and a share.

''Radical feminists' unite with anti-LGBTQ group for bout of wanton transphobia' & other Wed midday news briefs

The Heritage Foundation plays divide and conquer with LGBTQ community.

A far right conservative group is aligning with ‘radical feminists’ to attack trans rights - When I told folks about this, they hardly believed me and I really couldn't blame them. Now here is confirmation from LGBTQNation. A bunch of so-called feminists are teaming up with a noted anti-LGBTQ group, The Heritage Foundation,  to attack the transgender community. And yes, there are lesbians involved in this awful effort. Seriously, what the hell? What makes these folks think that they can join in an anti-LGBTQ group's attack on one segment on their own community without any negative consequences for themselves?  Hate, fear, and ignorance are powerful things.

Poll: 70% of U.S. voters support transgender military service - In Qunnipiac University Poll results which will most certainly be challenged by the religious right, 70 percent of those surveyed oppose Trump's ban on transgender military men and women.

"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett had noose around his neck when officers arrived, police say - More confirmation on the Jussie Smollett story. BUT with that confirmation from the police about the circumstances, come also the twitter trolls. Because no suspects have been arrested as of yet, a lot of armchair detectives and wannabe "Lara Loomer" activist journalists have come out speculating. And you know how that turns out. My guess is that they waited for a day for no suspects and then uncaged themselves. This situation is still playing itself out. 

Husband/wife tandem working to ensure discriminatory, religiously biased regulations of Trump Administration - My post from last night because this situation needs more attention devoted to it.

Orthodox Jewish therapist claims NYC’s conversion therapy ban violates his rights - The continued weaponization of religious beliefs. Your beliefs shouldn't allow you to do participate in a fraudulent practice. And guess anti=LGBTQ hate group is pushing THIS lawsuit- the Alliance Defending Freedom. That group is trying hard to make itself the arch-enemy of the LGBTQ community.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Husband/wife tandem working to ensure discriminatory, religiously biased regulations of Trump Administration

Roger Severino (first picture) is pushing anti-LGBTQ, religiously biased regulations at DHHS. His wife, Carrie (second picture) is attempt to get judges appointed, via dishonest means, who will uphold those regulations.

A recent post by People for American Way underscores just how deep the Trump Administration is in exploiting the concept of "religious liberty" as an avenue to foster discrimination, specifically anti-LGBTQ discrimination, and right-wing religious bias.

In a move that brought a startling clarity to the end game for “religious liberty” claims made by Religious Right political and legal groups, the Department of Health and Human Services last week granted a waiver from federal non-discrimination rules to South Carolina, allowing the state to continue funneling tax dollars to Miracle Hill, a child welfare agency that refuses to place foster children with Jewish or Catholic families—or anyone who doesn’t share Miracle Hill’s conservative evangelical religious doctrine. The waiver also applies to all other South Carolina faith-based foster care agencies. 
“Under Miracle Hill’s policies, not only Jews are rejected” as potential mentors and foster parents, reported the Religion News Service. “Muslims, Hindus and atheists are also barred from fostering or mentoring children in the nonprofit’s programs; so too are Catholics.” Don’t even ask about same-sex couples, even if they’re Protestant. Miracle Hill has reportedly received millions of dollars from the state and federal governments.

Those watching  the Department of Health and Human Services are not surprised that it came to this. There has been huge cause of alarm since last year that several religious right activists were being appointed to positions in the agency and  were using their positions to further their personal religious agendas. Most specifically, a man named Roger Severino.

According to a  Politico article from last year:

A small cadre of politically prominent religious activists inside the Department of Health and Human Services have spent months quietly planning how to weaken federal protections for abortion and transgender care — a strategy that's taking shape in a series of policy moves that took even their own staff by surprise. Those officials include Roger Severino, an anti-abortion Catholic lawyer who now runs the Office of Civil Rights and last week laid out new protections allowing health care workers with religious or moral objections to abortion and other procedures to opt out. Shannon Royce, the agency's key liaison with religious and grass-roots organizations, has also emerged as a pivotal player.

Severino has been called out by several LGBTQ groups and activists for his actions since being appointed, including attempting to define transgender people “out of existence”

'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett hospitalized after racist, homophobic attack' & other Tue midday news briefs

Jussie Smollett
‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett Hospitalized in Chicago After Violent Racial Homophobic Attack - This just came in. We don't know all of the details as of yet. But according to a police report, it did take place:

Adulterer Trump approves of forcing public schools to teach Bible classes to improve morality - Of course anti-LGBTQ religious right figures like Franklin Graham is supporting on Trump. So many ironies, particularly the fact that there are stories in the Bible in which hateful leaders - not unlike Trump -are struck down by God, eaten by worms, overthrown or driven to madness because of their un-Christian pride, etc. etc. 

Anti-LGBTQ hate groups wants you to pray for Karen Pence (and ignore the bigoted message she sends to same-families  and children) - Repost from last night. 

The Trump Administration Is Trying to Make It Easier for Doctors to Deny Care to LGBTQ People - SO true, unfortunately.

Five Black LGBTQ Actors on Representation In Hollywood - What's that thing the younger folks say . . YAASSS!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ hate groups wants you to pray for Karen Pence (and ignore the bigoted message she sends to same-families & children)

Tony Perkins (first picture) and FRC wants America to pray for Karen Pence (second picture) while ignoring the negative message she is sending to LGBTQ children and same-sex families 

It's not surprising that the Family Research Council stands with 2nd Lady  Karen Pence's decision to associate herself with a school which bans LGBTQ children and employees. And it's also not surprising how the organization attempts to falsely frame the situation as one with regards to Pence's "religious beliefs" instead of her duty as 2nd Lady to send a message of inclusiveness to the nation.

Nor is this third thing surprising. In its message for people to pray for Pence, FRC  doesn't even mention why the controversy is huge or the same-sex families and children who are sent a negative message by Mrs. Pence's actions:

Over the last couple of weeks the Vice President and Second Lady have endured more than their share of insults and harassment after Karen announced she was going back to teach part-time at Immanuel Christian School. While most people probably wouldn't object to the teaching, they certainly objected to the "Christian" part. 
When the liberal media threw rocks, tens of thousands of you joined us in sending our prayers to the Pences instead. More than 34,000 of you pledged to pray for the Second Family and stand with them as they live by their faith. At a Wednesday meeting at the White House with the president on the immigration crisis, I had an opportunity to deliver our prayer pledges personally to the vice president. I know he was encouraged by your support. More importantly, I know he has no intentions of backing down from the fight until every American has the ability to live and work by their faith
Continue praying for him and for Karen, as well as President Trump and Melania as they work to bring a revival of freedom to this country!

Freedom for who? Apparently, not the LGBTQ community, our families, nor our children.

No matter how FRC and the Pences attempt to sugarcoat it, this controversy is about two people elected and paid to represent us sending the message that we don't rate in their world. And using their religion to hide their prejudice. The LGBTQ community isn't going to forget it and we aren't going to let anyone else forget it either. How about we pray for or at least remember the LGBTQ children and families harmed by the Pences' message.

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Franklin Graham the latest religious hypocrite to support Karen Pence's homophobia

Vice President Mike Pence is offended at controversy over wife's choice of teaching at anti-LGBTQ school

Evangelical hate group: Stop picking on Karen Pence because she may think LGBTQs are second class citizens 

Randy Rainbow blisters Trump corruption, SCOTUS justice's wife keeps causing problems for LGBTQ community, & other Mon midday news briefs

Let's start off Monday's news briefs with the best cataloguer of the bull that is the Trump years in America, Randy Rainbow

In other news:

Trump met with anti-LGBTQ activists led by a Supreme Court justice’s wife - Disgusting. Ginni Thomas has been acting the fool for a long time, even before Trump took office, and sooner or later her nonsense is going to blow up in Clarence Thomas's face.

Trump Administration Sits on Hands As Chechnya Disappears LGBT People - According to the article, Trump Administration policies are making things more difficult.

Utah lawmaker wants to erase transgender identities from birth certificate records - The point folks have to remember is that there is no justifiable point or purpose to laws like these. Just mean-spirited attacks on the transgender community.

Two percent of US high school students identify as transgender - This why the news brief above makes me so angry. Stuff like this negatively affects this kids and they don't need people heaping junk on them.

Friday, January 25, 2019

TX conservatives claim pro-LGBTQ equality bill would ban the Bible, GLAAD Award nominees a diverse list, & other Fri midday news briefs

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters received its fourth GLAAD Media Award nomination.

Texas conservatives claim LGBTQ equality bill ‘bans the Bible’ - A test run, no doubt, for the latest anti-LGBTQ moral panic.

South Dakota Lawmakers Kill Bill Targeting Trans Student Athletes - WONDERFUL!

Pragmatism versus inclusion? LGBTQ activists fight over bills in Florida. - A situation in Florida demonstrates a conflict which really shouldn't be one. Either/or is a false argument. Why not a little from this and a little from that, whichever best suits the situation.

24 Images of Trans Women From the Most Dangerous Place in the World - These are some brave sisters.

 Last but not least: 

 2019 GLAAD Noms Reflect Peak Queer TV, Film, and Video Games - This includes the following:

Outstanding Blog:
Gays With Kids
Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters
My Fabulous Disease
Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

This is fourth nomination for Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters. It's always an honor to be nominated and to receive the award in 2017 was a high which I still haven't come down from.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness of GLAAD and those sending me notes of congratulations. Good luck to my fellow nominees because all of you deserve to win!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

It's about about not 'religious freedom.' It's about homophobia.

Religious right groups don't want families like this to exist.

The news that the Trump Administration's Health and Human Services is providing a waiver for a "faith-based" adoption agency in South Carolina to discriminate against non-Christians - and especially the LGBTQ community - while still being allowed to receive tax dollars has gotten a lot of folks angry. And understandably so.

With that in mind,  I am pulling a few posts out of the archives to show just how evil and ingrained this plan is with anti-LGBTQ groups and leaders undermining same-sex families under the guise of "religious freedom."

Hate group shields hate group - Family Research Council defends Alliance Defending Freedom's war on gay adoption - Two hate groups heavily involved in these efforts to steal gay tax dollars  to give to these "faith-based" foster care and adoption agencies.  Naturally they will protect each other from public scrutiny.

Anti-LGBTQ hate group employee defends anti-gay adoption law with skillful evasion - Speaking of the Alliance Defending Freedom, the organization has its hand in almost every anti-LGBTQ legislation or court action in the country. I had a very interesting twitter talk last year with a spokesperson, Kellie Fiedorek, about a piece of Oklahoma passed. The conversation demonstrates the depths that groups like ADF and people like Fiedorek will stoop to in order to avoid  the specific issue. Instead, they attempt to portray the LGBTQ community as at fault for merely defending our rights as taxpayers. Their argument  "if gays don't simply allow themselves to be discriminated against, they are preventing children from receiving good homes" is ugly and specious on so many levels.

Anti-LGBTQ groups step up effort to steal gay tax dollars via sleazily deceptive website - And then there is the sleazy website they set up to further that narrative

Family Research Council: LGBTQ rights shouldn't be protected under law because of children & 'health hazards' - While not about adoption, specifically, this is why the clarion call about protecting the "religious liberty" of so-called "faith-based" adoption agencies is a lie. The Family Research Council, one of the main groups making this argument doesn't think that LGBTQ rights should be protected under law in the first place because according to it, we are health hazards who are a danger to children.

It all basically comes down to what I said in The Advocate last year:

"For decades, conservative voices have been attacking LGBTQ people with carefully worded rhetoric. “Before they were trumpeting ‘religious liberty,’ they were all about ‘protecting marriage. Before that, it was attempting to stop gays from receiving ‘special rights.’ And let’s not forget when all of these other buzzwords don’t do the trick, there is ‘protecting children.’ That always works. I show that behind all of their buzzwords and claims is one goal: harming the LGBTQ [community] and undermining our rights and safety.”

'South Carolina proves religious exemptions being used as a weapon to undermine same-sex parenting' & other Thurs midday news briefs

By weaponizing religious exemptions, the anti-LGBTQ industry is attempting to undermine the ability of LGBTQs to foster and adopt children.

Trump gives South Carolina foster agency the right to discriminate against LGBTQ & Jewish people - With all of the madness in the Trump Administration, people are missing a lot of things. Unfortunately, a passive-aggressive war on same-sex families is on of these things. By weaponizing Christianity, right-wing evangelical groups and public figures are deliberately undermining the ability for LGBTQs to form and take care of their families. Bear in mind that the situation here in South Carolina only scratches the surface.

Christians launch deceptive social media campaign targeting gay parents - My article in LGBTQNation last year speaks on this. There is a coordinated effort to use Christianity as an excuse for "faith-based" (i.e. right-wing evangelical leaning) adoption agencies to be able to receive tax dollars while also being able to refuse to service gay clients. If this is successful, don't be surprised to see these "faith-based" adoption agencies receiving a huge share of of taxpayer funds, undermining the ability of the LGBTQ community to foster and adopt children and to generally have families.

Report shows landscape for same-sex couples wishing to adopt can be "bleak" in states with religious exemptions - A report from last year breaks it down.

Just proof how the anti-LGBTQ industry covertly works against us. They don't outright deny us the right to have families. They simply make things a bit more difficult.

In other news:

A shockingly high number of nonbinary people are denied health care in the United States - This shouldn't be happening.

LGBTQ leaders warned about a Trump presidency. Two years later, it’s clear they were right - Yep.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

All of the openly gay Oscar winners . .. so far

The above video is a light change of pace at least tonight on this blog because 1. some folks seem to think I'm a big bowl of negativity  and 2. I understand their attitude to a degree. There is so much out there with Trump and the anti-LGBTQ industry that it gets tiring to spend so much time focusing on it.  And I did say that from time to time, I would post things to put folks in the mode of relaxation.

Supposedly, the upcoming awards has been called the "queerest ever." That being the case, here is a comprised list of openly gay Oscar winners so far. I have three problems with it, though.

1. It failed to mention Tarell Alvin McCraney who won the 2016 Best Adapted Screenplay for 'Moonlight.'

2. The section about actors who came out after winning the Oscars was on point. It's a shame it couldn't mention the gay Oscar winners who died while never publicly coming out. And there are a LOT of those. Speaking of which, if all of the LGBTQs Oscar nominees were listed, this would have been a very long video.

3. There are no bisexual or transgender men or women on the list. And if McCraney was added, he would have been the only LGBTQ of color on the list.

But we will work on item 3.

'Karen Pence is example of Christian right embrace of victimhood to shield their bigotry' & other Wed midday news briefs

Karen Pence
Karen Pence, LGBTQ discrimination and the Christian right's embrace of victimhood - "Willfully ignorant about the harmful cultural messaging of her actions, (Karen) Pence is the perfect symbol of “good,” Christian, white America." Can I get an AMEN up in here!!! 

 Justice Alito pens a bizarre love letter to Christian right - Yesterday, Think Progress alerted everyone to a problem which I think will become larger. Is Judge Alito already biased to rule for the concept of religious liberty in some cases regardless of what the case may be? This has been noted already in the past:
  Justice Alito says country increasingly 'hostile' to 'traditional moral beliefs'  
  The Most Partisan Supreme Court Justice Of All  
  None to the Right of Samuel Alito 

Transgender Soldiers Are Terrified, Disappointed, And Anxious After The Supreme Court’s Ruling - THIS is not the way you treat those who fight for your freedoms.

Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa: ‘Black, gay experience isn’t often told’ - As a gay black male, I can tell you that THIS is is a fact.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hate group leader gloats over SCOTUS temporarily upholding trans ban he helped to create

FRC's Tony Perkins is gloating now. He won't be later.

Leave it to Tony Perkins of  the Family Research Council to gloat about SCOTUS ruling of Trump's trans ban:

The U.S. Supreme Court announced today that it will allow the Trump administration’s transgender military policy to go into effect while litigation continues. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a Marine veteran, released the following statement: 
“It’s refreshing to see the U.S. Supreme Court rein in lower court judges who are bent on telling the commander-in-chief how to run the military. Those charged with the difficult and complex work of keeping our nation safe cannot do their job with rogue judges injecting their personal opinions into every social issues case which reaches their courts. With different judges issuing these different opinions all over the country, our nation will quickly become paralyzed. There is a reason the Constitution so clearly explains that the president is the final authority on military policy. The Constitution grants judges no power to divert military resources away from preparing to fight wars and into social engineering. 
“There are literally hundreds of conditions or physical limitations disqualifying people from military service. Does that make the military exclusionary? Yes. But the Pentagon isn't in the business of equality. It's in the business of fighting and winning wars. Either the military's priority is protecting America -- or it's helping people on the path to self-actualization. It can't do both. 
“The U.S. Supreme Court is right to leave the responsibility for keeping our military strong and country safe where it belongs: with our commander-in-chief,” concluded Perkins.

Mr. Perkins should remember that SCOTUS did not rule on the merits of the ban, just the fact that it could be implemented while the lawsuits against it are going through the courts. Mr. Perkins should also be aware that we know that the reasoning for the ban is highly faulty and that he was one of  the parties involved in crafting it. Mr. Perkins and his hate group, as well the others involved in creating faulty reasoning for the ban, should be aware that the truth will come out about every lie, every bit of cherry-picked science, and junk science y'all used to create this monstrosity.

The country is going to know the low caliber of so-called morality groups and figures who have the audacity to smear transgender men and women fighting for their freedoms all while claiming to be Christian.

So I'm patient.  I'm pissed at how transgender men and women are being harmed and disrespected, but I'm not worried. Your brand, on the other hand, should be.

Don't forget to pin blame on Mike Pence for trans ban

VP Mike Pence is mostly responsible for Trump's transgender military ban

Supreme Court allows Trump’s ban on trans military members to go into effect - So this mess took place today. The ban is reinstated while lawsuits are moving forward through the courts. We will win this in the end. Let's not give up hope. But it should teach us the importance of elections and demanding that our issues and community be heard by potential candidates.

SCOTUS Lifts Two Injunctions Against Trump’s Trans Troops Ban—but the Policy Remains Blocked - Meanwhile, here is an interest take on today's ruling.

 Most importantly and above all, don't be so quick to bark at Trump that you fail to recognize the real culprit of the trans ban - Vice President Mike Pence. It was him, with anti-LGBTQ groups and figures, who crafted fraudulent reasoning for the ban. No doubt they will crow about the SCOTUS ruling, making sure to admit how they were involved at the beginning. 

The trans military ban is yet another example of the White House's cozy relationships with anti-LGBTQ hate groups

All the right-wing lies about Trump’s transgender military ban, debunked

Pence's actions here is in tune with the recent actions of his wife, 2nd Lady Karen Pence, i.e. her decision to associate herself with an anti-LGBTQ school.  We have a VP - and a 2nd Lady - who is targeting the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of the LGBTQ community through direct and passive aggressive actions designed to keep us locked into a second class status. And they are hiding behind the guise of  Christianity to do it. 

Mike and Karen Pence will continue to get away with it as long as we don't bring it to public attention. Loudly and aggressively.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Family Research Council uses MLKDay as a commodity, wants you to forget its 2016 defense of alt-right racism

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins

Earlier today, I made the following remark about Martin Luther King, Jr Day:

I need disinfectant to spray all of the folks & groups praising MLK knowing fully well they would disparage him if he were alive and presently support policies opposite to his beliefs.

Recent remarks posted by Tony Perkins of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council make me wish for a big can of disinfectant:

A lot has changed since Rev. King's life was cut short a half century ago. The man who would have turned 90 last week would notice a lot of his fingerprints on America's social progress. But he would also be deeply dismayed to see the number of people who've turned their backs on his greatest motivation: a deep and abiding faith in God. In all of the politically-correct retrospectives, we've lost perspective on how important religion was to the story of Dr. King and the civil rights movement.

 . . . The leaders of the civil rights movement weren't transformational in spite of their faith -- they were transformational because of it. "I say [all of this]," Rev. King insisted, "as a minister of the gospel, who loves the church; who was nurtured in its bosom; who has been sustained by its spiritual blessings and who will remain true to it as long as the cord of life shall lengthen." 
America's war against religious liberty would have saddened Dr. King. Like us, he knew that without it, he wouldn't have had the freedom -- or the platform -- to speak out against segregation. In his day as in ours, there is one path to reconciliation in this country: the church. "There is so much frustration in the world because we have relied on gods rather than God... Christianity affirms that at the heart of reality is a Heart, a loving Father who works through history for the salvation of His children. Man cannot save himself, for man is not the measure of all things and humanity is not God. Bound by the chains of his own sin and finiteness, man needs a Savior."

Exploiting Dr. King's name to promote its quest of white evangelical "Christian supremacy" (disguised as a fight for "religious liberty") is rotten in itself.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Franklin Graham the latest religious hypocrite to support Karen Pence's homophobia

Yet another defender of Karen Pence and her decision to teach at an anti-LGBTQ school (while still being 2nd Lady of the United States which sends a bad message to our country)  shows his ugly head and gives us a wonderful chance to spotlight yet again the hypocrisy of evangelical conservative leaders.

Just like in the case of the Family Research Council, this is another situation in which anti-LGBTQ right-wing evangelicals are all so fired up with attacking the LGBTQ community that they leave themselves open to much deserved scrutiny.

In terms of the worst person to defend Mrs. Pence's homophobia, Graham should win a booby prize.

Graham is the same person who said the LGBTQ community don't have families and that we want to harm children. And he is the same person  who  supports Putin's persecution of the LGBTQ Russian community, claiming that Putin is merely trying to protect children.

Furthermore, Graham's talk of "Christian values" doesn't gel with his unwavering support of Trump. Remember that time he once  said  that no one elected Trump to be "president perfect" And then there was that time when Graham told Americans that Trump's extramarital affairs are "none of our business."

Also, as much as Graham is coming out against the LGBTQ community in this matter, he always seems to be conveniently "unable" to comment on things like Trump's shutdown, Trump's policy which took immigrant children away from their parents,  or Trump's lies about "the wall."

But he sure enough knows how to kiss Trump's butt:

Graham is not only a hypocrite, but he is self-righteous and deluded if he thinks that he has the authority to defend Mrs. Pence after his long history of homophobia and his pandering support of Trump's incompetence. Or if he thinks that some of us aren't going to figuratively spill the hot tea all over his head while "reading him to filth."

I don't expect Mrs. Pence to realize that as 2nd Lady, affiliating herself with a restricted and anti-LGBTQ school is not a good idea. Humility and self-awareness doesn't suit the type of Christianity she and her husband practice.

But damn, I am enjoying calling out the hypocrites who publicly support her.

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Vice President Mike Pence is offended at controversy over wife's choice of teaching at anti-LGBTQ school

Friday, January 18, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence is offended at controversy over wife's choice of teaching at anti-LGBTQ school

Remember that time that Mike Pence lied about an anti-LGBQ 'religious freedom' bill he signed when Indiana's governor?

Editor's note - In light of the new developments regarding the allegation that Trump told his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, we are slowly moving to a reality which will no longer see Trump in the White House. With that in mind, this controversy about 2nd Lady Karen's Pence's decision to teach at an anti-LGBTQ school takes on new relevance. As does VP Mike Pence's defense of it. It would  serve the LGBTQ community well to pay attention to matters and make our voices be heard. The possibility of a Pence Administration would be disastrous for us.

Vice President Says Outrage Over Wife Karen Pence’s Discriminatory School Is ‘Offensive’ - Pence attempts to defend his wife's homophobia by turning the issue. Let's be clear about something if we have to say it repeatedly:

The 2nd Lady of the United States has no damn business associating herself with a restricted school. She can do it when she is a private citizen, not when she's Second Lady.

But just like the point I made last night in the post about the Family Research Council defending Pence - homophobes will defend homophobes.

And in the case of Pence, if he wants to talk offensive, how about

when he lied about an anti-LGBTQ religious liberty bill he signed when he was Indiana's governor (highlighted by the above picture)

or when he would not give a definite answer when asked about how he felt about anti-LGBTQ discrimination:

Or the repeated times he has attacked, denigrated, and smeared the LGBTQ community.

Behind Pence's fake smile and non-assuming "Christian" manner beats the heart of man who has made a career out of belittling the LGBTQ community and jeopardizing our rights and safety. So of course he is going to defend his wife when she does the same thing.The bright side in all of this is the spotlight we now have to showcase his dirty hands. And the worst thing a homophobe can do is give us LGBTQ folks even a little bit of spotlight because we know how it use it.

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Evangelical hate group: Stop picking on Karen Pence because she may think LGBTQs are second class citizens 
Karen Pence's homophobia is bad. The homophobia of her defenders is worse  

Don't expect any honest answer from Karen Pence. Homophobic evasion is a family trait with the Pences

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Evangelical hate group: Stop picking on Karen Pence because she may think LGBTQs are second class citizens

2nd Lady Karen Pence
 From the Family Research Council:
. . . the Pences are not strangers to the other side's viciousness. Every time the media is reminded about the family's faith, they become hysterical all over again -- a scene that played out this week when Karen announced she'd be volunteering at Immanuel Christian this spring. "I am excited to be back in the classroom and doing what I love to do," she said in a statement. "I have missed teaching art, and it's great to return to the school where I taught art for 12 years." 
She can't go back there, LGBT activists raged! They reject homosexuality! Yes, well, that's what orthodox Christian schools do. (Not to mention Jewish and Muslim ones too.) Would it have been headline news if Jill Biden taught at a Roman Catholic school? Probably not. Yet, the Left and their media chums are hurling profanity at the Pences for something that, even five years ago, wouldn't have been controversial. Frankly, the only thing that would have been shocking is if Karen worked at a Christian school that didn't act like a Christian school. 
CNN's Kate Bennett was just one of the talking heads who doesn't get it. "So, lemme get this straight," she tweeted, "the second lady of the United States has chosen to work at a school that openly discriminates against LGBT adults and children?" "So, lemme get this straight," Ben Shapiro fired back. "You're a reporter but you've never heard of religious people before? 'BREAKING: Pence's wife is working for a Christian school that requires that Christian students pledge to abide by Christian standards of sin that have not changed in 2,000 years.'"

Well of course, the  Family Research Council, an organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because it routinely:

cites junk science to demean the LGBTQ community, 
defended Uganda’s “kill-the-gays” bill, 
falsely claims a link between homosexuality and pedophilia, 
employs a person who said he want gays "exported" out of the United States

thinks that 2nd Lady of the United States Karen Pence is being subjected to "religious discrimination" when people call her out for choosing to teach at a school which discriminates against LGBTQ adults and children.

The Family Research Council's brand is all about undermining LGBTQ safety and equality via lies while hiding the veneer of religion. Of course Mrs. Pence's actions aligns with its values.

THAT is the problem. The 2nd Lady of the United States has no business acting such a manner that she has to be defended by groups which specialize in bigotry.

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Karen Pence's homophobia is bad. The homophobia of her defenders is worse

Karen Pence
As to be expected, 2nd Lady Karen Pence's decision to teach at an anti-LGBTQ private school has some defenders.

Personally, I and a lot of other folks feel that seeing that she is 2nd Lady of the United States, Mrs. Pence has a responsibility and duty to send an inclusive message to all Americans, especially LGBTQ Americans, our families, and our children. And aligning herself with a private school with a policy against LGBTQ employees, same-sex families, and LGBTQ children is not the way to do it,

However, some folks in the comments section of a One News Now article (which is the "news source" of anti-LGBTQ hate group the American Family Association) have a different take on the situation (click on the graphics to read):

And those comments are nothing compared to the comments on the extreme right-wing site Free Republic:

'Trans woman mocked for angry outburst in store speaks out' & other Thur midday news briefs

Trans woman mocked for angry outburst in store after being misgendered speaks out - The transgender woman who was made fun of because of a video of her angry outburst in a store has something to say. Just like I said before. Sometimes you get tired of people @!%$ with you.

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LGBTQ-inclusive bullying laws associated with fewer teen suicide attempts, study says- This is common knowledge but the opposition will attempt to bogart the argument and cover up this fact.

Barr hints at continuing anti-LGBT policies at Trump Justice Department - The way Trump is screwing up, there might not be a justice department soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Don't expect any honest answer from Karen Pence. Homophobic evasion is a family trait with the Pences

It shouldn't be surprising how the folks around 2nd Lady Karen Pence are silent in the face of the controversy she is causing by agreeing to teach at a private school which has an ugly policy against the LGBTQ community, families, and especially children

Running away or attempting to blunt controversy by pitiful evasion is a family trait which seems to be enjoyed by the Pence family. Video below is a huge case in point.

In 2015 when Pence was governor of Indiana, the state passed controversial anti-LGBTQ "religious freedom" bill. Needless to say it caused a lot of controversy and Pence's attempt to defend it on ABC's This Week was a disaster. When asked eight times about the bill and his personal beliefs regarding anti-LGBTQ discrimination, Pence couldn't give a specific or forward answer:

So don't be fooled by any explanation Karen Pence's people eventually may give about her teaching at an anti-LGBTQ private school.  She knows exactly what she's doing. Only thing is that her people don't know how to bullshit an explanation through as of yet.

2nd Lady Karen Pence abandoning her responsibility to send inclusive message to LGBTQ families, children

Karen Pence
Second Lady Karen Pence Hired By School That Bans Gay and Transgender Students -

The meat of the story:
Second Lady Karen Pence has taken up a job with a private school that discriminates against gay people and members of the LGBT community at large.
Mrs. Pence, a painter and educator by profession, has accepted a part-time gig as an art teacher for Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. The school’s application form requires teachers and staff to uphold traditional Christian norms and values, including a pledge against “sexual immorality” like homosexual conduct.

.. . The school also asks parents of their pupils to sign an agreement giving them the right to reject and expel students whose behavior goes against their “biblical morality” policy. This policy calls marriage an exclusively-heterosexual practice, and violations include “condoning sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bi-sexual activity, promoting such practices, or being unable to support the moral principles of the school.”

 My two cents:

My guess is that the defense of Karen Pence is going to be filled with buzzwords about "showing tolerance"  or her "deeply held personal beliefs."   No doubt the anti-LGBTQ industry and the right-wing media bubble (especially Fox News) will generate one-sided coverage  designed to make Mrs. Pence look like the victim. And if any LGBTQs are included in the conversation, it will be people like that awful Tammy Bruce or Guy Benson, i.e. people who know better than to deviate from the program. Degrading their own is how they get their prominence and money.

God forbid they talk about the negative message sent to LGBTQ families and our kids by Pence that we don't belong. They would rather put someone like Mike Huckabee who will accuse us of being hateful and intolerant. Huckabee is a master of that con game because he's been doing it for years.

This controversy shouldn't be up for debate. It's not difficult to decipher. It's not about Karen Pence's "religious beliefs" nor is it about "tolerance."  It is about responsibility - Karen Pence's responsibility.

 She is the 2nd Lady of the United States. She has responsibility and a DUTY to send an inclusive message to everyone in this country. As much as folks who support her hate it, that includes the LGBTQ community and particularly same-sex couples and our children. She does not get to pick and choose. She lost that right in November 2016. She doesn't get it again until her husband leaves office.

It's not about her. It's about America and right now she is sending the message that a lot of us don't count in her version of America.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Another 'evangelical' hate group marshaling support for Trump's border wall

And with this hot mess above right here as a part of a petition (which I refuse to link), anti-LGBTQ hate group the American Family Association becomes the latest right-wing evangelical Christian-masquerading group attempting to pander Trump's border wall lies to America.

The organization claims that its supporters are overwhelmingly behind Trump:

A new survey by AFA finds nearly all supporters (98%) view border security as an important issue. An overwhelming number of supporters (96%) agree with President Trump's plan to secure the southern border with a wall. The most startling statistic is the overwhelming majority (90%) of AFA supporters who want President Trump to continue the partial government shutdown to force Congress to fund construction for the border wall.

 I believe AFA here, but that's not necessarily a good thing.  AFA's supporters aren't exactly as kind or Christian as the group would semantically paint them.  Based on comments from any article via AFA's phony news source, One News Now ( specifically this one about Obama's religious beliefs), a lot of them come across as reactionary spooked people dripping with prejudice, homophobia, and bigotry which they falsely claim is actually God's love.

The only thing which shocks me about the results of AFA's "poll" is that its supporters didn't suggest armed guards at Trump's border wall.

But I'm sure the idea appeals to them.

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New Children's Book Explores a Different Kind of Gay Fatherhood: Doggy Dads - I love this.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Conservative evangelical leaders fiddle while Donald Trump burns down America

With how Trump's behavior has shut down our government, his lies about building a wall, and the news about his uncomfortably cozy relationship with Putin and Russia, one would think evangelical leaders would be leading the charge of alarm.

Naw. It's not like Trump is a gay man or lesbian attempting to marry or adopt. Or a transgender child simply looking to be safe while in school.

With all of this mess happening in so many directions, it is easy to forget how ingrained the evangelical right is in this situation with their unwavering support of Trump over the values they claim to hold and the excuses they've made for his past behavior. I think the somewhat forgetful nature of Americans is something they are counting on. My guess is that when it is all said and done, they are hoping they can re-assert themselves as sort of a moral voice.

Don't count on it, my friends. Your pandering of Trump was bad enough, but your attempt to be inconspicuous, pious, and the kings of cognitive dissonance  as he melts into a pool heated by his own inadequacies hasn't gone unnoticed.

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Tulsi Gabbard ‘regrets’ her history of opposing LGBTQ equality  - Then I would suggest Congresswoman Gabbard worry less about running for president and start repairing the damage. She made a crucial error because the one group you DO NOT want to offend is the LGBTQ community. If we trust you enough to love you, we will go through the fire for you (re: Eartha Kitt after the White House drama of 1968.) You do something to hurt us, we do not forget. You call it holding grudges. WE call it making sure you don't hurt us again. 

Evangelicals sue for right to deny shelter to homeless transgender people - Every time you see the Alliance Defending Freedom go on news programs with bakers and florists they claim are being "forced to serve gays," this right here is the mess you don't see. It's the desired endgame of their efforts.

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